Thursday, October 26, 2006

Welcome to our new online home

Heeeellllloooooo! Well, we moved out site so we wanted to welcome you to our new home. I hope you like it. Hopefully EVERYONE will be able to see all of the pictures and all of the videos from now on, but if you have some problems please let us know.

So life in the last 2 weeks has been pretty swell. Two weekends ago my boss gave Hannah and I tickets to the West Virginia football game, and that was dang fun. I will always by a True Aggie, but they have way better football out here. It was amazing to see a packed stadium and a winning team. It was pretty cold that day, so we got ourselves all bunddled up. It's fun to see Molly in her big pink coat. When she falls over she can't get up. What was most amazing to me was that everyone was drunk by the beginning of the game, and it was a 12:00 game. There is t-shirt I see around here that says "We tailgate harder then other schools party." I am beginning to think it is true. But it was ok, cause nobody bothered us, and we loved being there.

Last week my work sent me to Penn State in State College, PA to do recruitng for our program. They let me take Hannah and Molly so they went and help me set up and then while I worked they went swimming and this time Molly loved the water, so I was pretty bumbed I missed out on that. That night we went out to dinner and just had a really sweet time. The drive there and back was really pretty. The leaves were perfect.

The next day we drove to Maryland (Hannah's sisters house) cause Lynda and Lauritz came to see us. That was really fun to have everyone together. The next day they followed us back to our house. We stopped along the way in Cumberland, Md in this really sweet town that is really old. They have brick lined streets and about 8 different caslte looking churches on one street. We then found their cemetary that some of the coolest head stones I had ever seen, some mausoleums, and headstones dating back to the cival war and before. The best part was the pumkin custard I ate there for breakfast.

It was dang fun to have Hannah's parents with us. We showed them all of the "morgantown sites" which everyone knows are incredible (wink wink) and went out to dinner, and did a lot of visiting. I think the best part was just being able to show people we know where we live, and where we go, and what our life is like. So thank you for taking the time to come and see us, we hope it was worth it.

Anyway, I have definately talke your ear off enough. If there is anyone still reading Have a happy and safe Halloween. We will be escoring the cutest Bumble Bee in all of Morgantown around on Halloween night. So definatley look forward to those pictures. Make sure and look at the pictures below. There should be some good ones.
Love, Jake, Hannah, and Molly Jane

First, here are some pictures of us at the football game. As you can see it was pretty chilly. Molly even fell asleep on my lap and that in and of itself was a miracle.
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Molly actually looks a little scared in this picture...but I can't tell why.

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Even with the 4th best football team in the country the marching band is considered "the pride of West Virginia." We just thought you all needed to see this. Go Mountees!
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Have we ever told you we think we have the most beautiful daughter in the world. Well, we do!
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This is us out enjoying a brisk Sunday evening in the fall leaves. They sure are purdy this time of year.
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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

October 9, 2006

Happy  Halloween Month

Molly wanted to wish you all a happy october by putting her pumpkin bucket on her head. She is really excited for halloween, although dressing up like a dinner plate is no longer an option since her cousin Mia already took that. We don't really have any exciting pictures since Ive been so busy with school, so I won't bother you with those details. Right now we are just looking forward to hannah's parents coming to visit us. Our first over nights exciting. We are taking reservations now for future guests...but spots are filling fast...Hahaha....

Below are some new pics of Molly. She sure is cute....Also we have a little video of her doing her new animal noises. Have a good day everyone.


We went outside and played the other day and these are

some cute pictures I snapped of Molly

Our friend Jessie made this hat for Molly before we left and she loves it. She would probably wear a snow hat all day if we would let her.

We bought two new things for Molly this week. A big kid car seat and pajamas. She has to be 20 lbs before the car seat can face forward, so that won't be happening for a while, and we bought these TWELVE MONTH pajamas thinking they would be perfect for the cold weather. Well, she doesn't quite fit into them either. At least they will fit for a long time.

We needed to get out on Saturday so we started driving around and thought we would drive by the Mo-Town baloon festival, and right when we got there they were launching the baloons. I'll be we say 30+ baloons take off into the air. It's to bad Molly didn't see one of them, she was to busy staring at the other people.

Well, we are still doing very well. We do miss everyone a ton, and can't wait for the day that we get to see you all again. Give us a call sometime, or leave us some comments telling us what you are doing.     Love, the Oylers.

October 6, 2006

I know I know, we are getting worse as time goes on. But... wait I have no excuse. Jake has been so busy lately. He has two classes that are ending next week so he has two big finals coming up, and then two midterms also. Then the next week he will be starting two new classes. Some days have been pretty barfy, like today when he was gone from 7:30-7:30. Molly and Hannah miss him and awful lot on days like this. But they sure do appreciate everything he is doing.

Hannah is starting to venture out and get to know some of the ward members (the ones with kids anyways!). She also finally got up the motivation to start going to a gym. She has really enjoyed it and they have free babysitting for Molly who gets to enjoy playing with other kids.

Molly is getting so grown up. She is so much fun and we both enjoy her so much. She makes us laugh so much all day everyday. She is talking alot, well sort of. She says, mama, dada, Jake, uh-oh, hi,and knows what a cow, monkey, tiger and kitty say. She always reminds us when we need to say prayer, by folding her arms before any meal and before bedtime.She has officially learned how to blow a kiss and ask "where is it", by hold her hands up in a questioning way. She can climb up on the furniture, and loves Barney, Mr. Roger's and Sesame Street. She is such a blessing to our lives and such a joy.

Well not much is going on here. We will try to get some pictures up soon. The leaves are starting to change and it is so beautiful, so we will have to get some pics. We are looking forward to going to Penn State so that Jake can do some recruiting for WVU for his job, and that same weekend Hannah's parents are coming, so we are really excited, our first official guests in our home.

We love you all and hope this finds you all well and happy. Hope to hear from you all soon. We love for people to send us pictures and emails to let us know how you are doing too.


Jake D., Hannah Dee, and Molly Jane

September 25, 2006

Hey Y'all,

Well, we're sorry it's been so long since we have written. It's been a really busy past couple of weeks. School just started to get really tough. Tests, papers, group presentations, and the sort. So far school is going really well. They haven't kicked me out which is good. Work has been extremely demanding. Sometimes I think they forget I am just a student, and it's not my full time job. But I like the work and it has actually been giving me a lot of actual marketing experience.

Hannah has recently become the most popular girl in the Morgantown ward. Everyone wants to be her friend. With Jake being gone 12 hours a day it helps that she has other adults to talk to. A couple of weeks ago we went to Washington D.C.  We still didn't see any of the D.C. sites but we did get to go to the temple. Cassie (Hannah's sister) was really nice to watch Molly for us, plus we are treated like Royalty when we go and visit them. Besides that little jaunt we really haven't been able to have to many adventures. But we still have been having a lot of fun. Parks and Walks and the likes.

Molly has been as cute as all get up lately. She has been saying a lot more words. She has been calling me Jake, instead of Da Da. But as I was joking with Hannah, she never just says it, she has to yell it. I wonder where she learned that from...just kidding Hannah...! She spends a lot of time talking on her cell phone. We don't know who she is talking to on the phone but they must be funny cause she is laughing at them all the time.

Well, here are some pictures-

Molly's first time going down the slide all by her self...










Here is Hannah at the DC temple. It was really wierd to us that we were there. I guess it was a temple that we never really thought we would make it too. It was really beautiful though, and just had a nice time.









 Cute...This is a picture of the Happy couple in front of some doors at the temple.








Sometimes it's important to stop and smell the flowers.





Here we are in front of the temple...






Molly looks so big in this picture. We can't believe how big she is getting.










This is Molly on the Mongahela River Walk. We go down here to look at the ducks. Today we were there to blow bubbles. Molly was really scared of them at first, but then started to like them...









Wow, a Bubble...







Just a cute picture







This is our new "Special Friend" named Billy. We told him he could come blow bubbles with us.

Just kidding. Somehow Hannah is able to capture me in my most beautiful momments.
























Here is a little Video of Molly Going down the slide. She is so Cute.

September 19, 2006

P>Hey family and friends. We are so sorry that we have not posted for the last couple of weeks. We have been really busy and had a pretty rough time last week. But we are going to be posting new pictures within the week so don't give up on us. We are so grateful for all of you and we love all of you. Molly is still adorable as you will see soon. We miss all of you and would love you to visit any time, our door is always open.

Just a little story to keep you entertained until next time....

Sunday morning at 3:30 a.m. there was a knock on our door. Jake got up and answered it and there was a young guy there in tears, claiming he had been mugged and didn't know what to do so he came to the first door he saw. Jake asked if he could take him home or to his truck and he said yeah. When Jake came in to get his phone I got upset with him and told him he was not going to take a complete stranger to an unknown destination. So Jake called 911 and told them the situation and they told him not to take him anywhere and they would send a car over. So in the meantime, Jake invited the kid in and talked to him and tried to get him calmed down. Turns out he was a sophomore, so 18 or 19, had been drinking a little and was walking from a friends to his truck ( which if where he said it was, is no where near our house) and took a wrong turn ( obviously a very wrong one). He said when he was out on  the road by our house 3 guys jumped him, beat him up a bit and stole his watch, cell phone and wallet. Jake was good at getting him to talk and it was so sad to hear him crying and know that he was really upset. But he was ligit, and it was a pretty scary thing. The cops did come and he graciously thanked Jake and was trully greatful for his kindness. Good thing Jake and I equal out eachother, him being incredilbly good hearted and willing to help anyone, me being very cautious and careful around everyone. So we officially had our first really crazy experience here, and hope it is the end of our night time interuptions!

September 3, 2006

   Pretty calm week here in Mo-Town. There really isn't very much to tell you as far as news is concerned, but we have some pretty cute pictures of Molly below. We did expereince our first WVU football game (from the comfort of our living room). It was all a pretty amazing sight though. The game started at 3:30 and we were coming home from cleaning the chuch at 11:30 (4 hours before the game even started) and the streets coming away from the stadium were completely packed. Everyone told us not to leave our house. We decided we needed to get out at half time so we went to a park and it was the least crowdest the streets have ever been, but it would have been a terrible sight if we were there after the game was over. It was wierd to be a part of a school with a good football team, especially after I saw Utah State's sad showing this week. We still love our aggies though. Enjoy the pictures.

This is a tamed version of "Crazy, Crazy," we play with Molly. All we have to do is say the word crazy and she goes into a fit. It's Hil-Air-E-Ous.

This is Molly doing "yummy, yummy" It was fun to see her begin to use her imagination. She pretneds to eat the food we are making in the bowls. It's cute.


This is Hannah's beautiful Trifle. She didn't want me to put this on here but I couldn't resist. As I am sure you can imagine it didn't take me long to devour this.

Weeeeeeeee. We went to Cooper's Rock last weekedn and had a picnic, and played on the toys. It was a wicked bad time.

Hooray, this is fun. I love rickety old slides!!!!

Molly said, "Don't bug me!!!!" And we knew she was serious this time. 

I am so funny.


Molly loves to put things on her head (see picture below)....she is C






We needed to get out today so we went down by the river and sat in the gazeebo by the water front. This is my beautiful wife and child. Dang, I am a lucky man.

Family picture.....Again!

Look-We are wearing sweat shirts. It was Hannah's dream come true not to be sweating her brains out.

Dad and Molly on the dock.

We love you all and miss you like crazy. We are starting to get a little home sick so any time someone wants to come and see us just stop by and we will share some milk and cookies with you.

August 30, 2006

Hello, hello to all. I am so sorry this has taken us so long again. I promise I had this all done a week ago and had worked on it forever when the internet decided to stop working and I lost everything, so here goes and we'll try this again. Two weeks ago Jake had school off for a week and so we got to do a few fun things, other than the usual fun things we do. We went to Pittsburgh spur of the moment and stayed in a 3 star Hilton hotel for $50. After we got there we went downtown to Station Square where there are a lot of shops and restraunts. We walked around and then we watched the dancing fountains with some fun music and bright lights. Molly loved them until she got sprayed a little bit by them. The next day we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo. Molly really loves animals right now so it was a lot of fun to take her. She loved it. We had so much fun too and got to see some really cool animals. That weekend we went out to dinner too, and saw the Pirates of the Carribean, (which I would not suggest going to see with a 1 year old).

Jake started school last week so he is now in his second semester. It is going well and his job is great too. He is very busy, but always finds time to come home and hang out with the family.Hannah is staying busy chasing Molly (who has learned to walk!) all day, along with trying to keep the house in somewhat order and trying to get better at fulfilling her calling. Molly like I said is walking/running everywhere. She is so adorable. Her newest hobbies include walking aroung with mommy's phone on her shoulder and talking to her grandmas, or so she thinks, she walks around talking nonstop and pointing at things, next she loves to fill her purse for her Grandma Smith and walk around with it on her arm, and she loves to dance and act crazy too. She is very good at immatiating, as you can see, although we have no idea where that last one comes from. Her vocabulary is growing, along with "tada" and "wow", she has added "Ma,ma" and "Da,da" and "moooooo" and "hi". She is growing up everyday. We sure love her lots and she keeps us on our toes as well as very entertained.

Molly enjoying the luxury hotel and just kicken back chillin'.

This is us with the Pittsburgh skyline behind us.

Molly with the Tonic guitar. Who??? Yeah thats what I thought too, but anyways this was at HardRock Cafe at Station Square.

This was probably the coolest thing we saw at the zoo, in the aquarium. It is alive, an Underwater Dragon! Is that crazy or what?

We thought this was pretty funny, not only do Molly and the camel share the same name, but they have the same personality...if you read below you'll see. "Generally a sweet girl, but be careful-she can bite!" Just kidding our Molly is the sweetest thing ever and even if she did have teeth, I'm sure she wouldn't bite!

Hannah and Molly riding the turtle.

All of us after our fun day at the zoo!

These next few pics are just random cute ones of Molly over the last few weeks and Grandma's there is even a video of Molly Jane when she first started walking, she is even better now.

How sweet is that? What more can I say?

Here is Molly Moo smiling for the camera. We know, we know, she is beautiful!

Molly doing what she loves. Sorry she isn't looking, we couldn't get her to take her eye's off the kids next to us. That is one of the saddest things for us, she misses her cousins so much and will stare at kids forever just wanting to be with them, but not really daring to. So any of you cousins feel free to come anytime and play with Molly it would mean the world to her!

This day was a miracle, not only did Molly let me do her hair but she kept it in all day long, isn't it cute?

We love all of you, and hope you don't give up on us, we will try to be better about posting.