Wednesday, October 25, 2006

July 5, 2006

Boy, we are crazy. We know how to live it up. It was a wild Mo-Town 4th of July. It was different since we weren't with any extended family, but we still know how to do it.

Saturday night we found a drive in movie. The first thing we noticed was the farther away we go from Morgantown the less teeth people have. These people didn't have a whole lot, but we had a lot of fun.

We saw Nacho Lebre and even stayed for the 10:30 showing of "flick."

"These are My Recreation Clothes"

It was cool to be there because it was in the middle of the woods and so the fire flies would dance in the background. It was extremely romantic, especially trying to contain an 11 month old inside a car for 3 hours but we did ok.

This is Molly at the Movie. She discovered the moon. She's so cute. Have I ever said that before.

We tucked Molly right out. She was playing in our bed and then fell asleep right in the crack.

We wanted to find that old fashioned 4th we are used to and we found it in Fairview, WV. This Hannah standing in front of what was literally the "tail end" of the parade. Unforunately we were late to the parade due to Mapquests excellent direction. I think they took us over a mountain and on a one lane gravel road through the mountains. But we made it.

Molly is LOVING the fairview community band. At the 4th festival, they also had about 5 cars in the car show and an awesome craft fair where you couldn't actually buy any crafts, they were just there to observe, but I'm guessing these were the same crafts that appeared in the last 60 4th of July celebration. At one point Hannah and I looked at each other and said AT THE SAME TIME, "it smells like old people breath!"

We couldn't let Molly's first 4th of July go by without getting her to some fire works. Many around were cancelled due to torential rain, but we found some in Canonsburg, PA. "Home of the Original Big Mac." Molly loved the fireworks and was in awe the whole time. This is Hannah and Molly waiting for them to begin.

Can you see her excitement!!!

We love you all....

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