Wednesday, October 25, 2006

October 6, 2006

I know I know, we are getting worse as time goes on. But... wait I have no excuse. Jake has been so busy lately. He has two classes that are ending next week so he has two big finals coming up, and then two midterms also. Then the next week he will be starting two new classes. Some days have been pretty barfy, like today when he was gone from 7:30-7:30. Molly and Hannah miss him and awful lot on days like this. But they sure do appreciate everything he is doing.

Hannah is starting to venture out and get to know some of the ward members (the ones with kids anyways!). She also finally got up the motivation to start going to a gym. She has really enjoyed it and they have free babysitting for Molly who gets to enjoy playing with other kids.

Molly is getting so grown up. She is so much fun and we both enjoy her so much. She makes us laugh so much all day everyday. She is talking alot, well sort of. She says, mama, dada, Jake, uh-oh, hi,and knows what a cow, monkey, tiger and kitty say. She always reminds us when we need to say prayer, by folding her arms before any meal and before bedtime.She has officially learned how to blow a kiss and ask "where is it", by hold her hands up in a questioning way. She can climb up on the furniture, and loves Barney, Mr. Roger's and Sesame Street. She is such a blessing to our lives and such a joy.

Well not much is going on here. We will try to get some pictures up soon. The leaves are starting to change and it is so beautiful, so we will have to get some pics. We are looking forward to going to Penn State so that Jake can do some recruiting for WVU for his job, and that same weekend Hannah's parents are coming, so we are really excited, our first official guests in our home.

We love you all and hope this finds you all well and happy. Hope to hear from you all soon. We love for people to send us pictures and emails to let us know how you are doing too.


Jake D., Hannah Dee, and Molly Jane

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