Sunday, September 30, 2007

Now and Then

So I have had some requests for pictures of me looking very prego ,so since I was doing that I thought I would reminise and show some pictures of me prego with Molly for comparrison and also some of our little Molly pie. Hope you enjoy and next time expect to see pictures of our new arrival.
Hannah very prego at 39 weeks with Baby Oyler.

Hannah at 38 weeks with Molly the day she went into the hopsital.
Molly Jane Oyler. August 1st 2005. 5 lbs 4 0z 19in.

Molly Jane Oyler. September 30th 2007. 20 lbs, 33 in. Isn't she so precious, and such a big girl?

This is a little side note. Molly got a new kitchen from her Grandma Jill for her birthday and she loves it so much. This is her cooking for her mommy and daddy.
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meg baker said...

Good luck Hannah! I'm so excited to see the new baby. I love looking at you guys blog on my little brakes at work. Hope everything is going well. Love-Meg

meg baker said...

Good luck Hannah! I'm so excited to see your new baby. If she is half as cute as Molly she will be lucky. I love looking at your blog on my little breaks at work. Have a great week! Love- Meg

Stacy & Nathan Cardon said...

Hi guys,
I am so excited. Molly looks like a doll in her little dress. Her hair has gotten so long. Miss you.

Melinda said...

yay! More pictures. It was fun to see the pregnant with Molly and pregnant with Baby #2 pictures. You look really good this time...not swollen at all. You looked good with Molly too... you know what I mean! I'll be quiet now.

Jamie and Brady said...

Jake! long time no see neighbor! This is a great way to keep in touch, we're just discovering it. Looks like you've been busy, congrats on everything. Keep in touch and look us up if you'd like to. bradyjamie.blogspot.

Harmony, Steve and Devyn said...

Hi Jake,
Love the blog. I can't believe that you live in "Wild and Wonderful West Virginia." We would have come to see you guys! Congratulations on your growing family. You guys are very cute. I will enjoy checking your blog often.

Rieck Blog said...

Congrats on your second!! It'sbeen awhile! I found your blog on Brady's. Glad all is well.

*C said...


Hey!! I just stumbled on to your blog. So cute, you and your little {expanding} family! Congrats on the new baby! Anyhow, wow, isn't it funny how many ppl are blogging?! And it looks as if you've been blog-stalking me {I notice I'm in your list of links} :) ha ha. It's all good, I just wish you would have said "hello" so that I could have found you earlier. Anyways sorry for the long comment. I'll be checking in more regularly now that I know your blogging {so comments will be shorter in the future}.

Sothea said...

Jake! Your family is adorable! Looks like life is good for ya :0) YEAH!!!