Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Guests and More Fun...

We had the chance to show off our new little one to more family. Last Tuesday Hannah's Mom and Dad showed up in order to help us with the new little one, and we couldn't have been more grateful. Don't ask them to see any pictures of their trip because you won't see anything besides our front room. We felt bad that they made it all the way to Houston and didn't see one exciting thing. Of course we kept Lynda busy with dishes and Laundry (yipee) and Lauritz read a couple of books and had a few naps, but that's about as exciting as it got for them. We're sorry, but so greatful they were here.

Hannah is feeling a lot better. Annie is as healthy as a horse. We took her to the doctor and he kept saying, "this is the most perfect baby, I can't even find one thing wrong with her." She is doing really well at night. Usually only gets up once to eat, and goes right back to sleep (knock on wood). Molly is handling the whole situation pretty well. She is a little emotional, but everytime she wakes up she'll come out and kiss her and hug her, and say "hi, I'm your big sister" and wants to make sure she always has her binky. Anyway, below, you'll find some pictures. Enjoy.
Grandpa Lauritz with Annie
Molly has a lot of stuffed animals.
Grandma Lynda with Annie
Here is Annie getting her first bath from Hannah
Molly has aspirations of being a photographer, and since she can't hold the camera and push the button, I have to really struggle to get into the frame so she feels accomplished.
Pretty cute, huh? We were worried Hannah and I used all of our cute on Molly, but it looks like we had some left.
Just a cute picture of Molly.
If there is ever a time when Molly looks ghetto we make sure and get it on camera. She found these Barbie sleeping bags, and she thought they were gloves. And since she knows you use gloves to plant flowers we planted about 3 fake flowers, and gave them about 50 gallons of pretend water.

Lauritz and Molly walking around the lake at our apartment.
Hannah and Annie

Molly trying to get Annie to lay by her.
Well Everyone, We love you all and hope you are all doing well. We sure are doing great. Take care.


Stacy & Nathan Cardon said...

Hi Guys,
Thanks for more pictures. I was having withdrawls. It looks like you guys are doing great. I have couple of very cute nieces. Have a good day.

The Bryger Family said...

Hey Guys!

How are you doing? I love the world of blogging. I am way excited for you guys, a new little one!!


Melinda said...

I LOVE that black and white picture of Molly! But...I have to say that my favorite is the one Molly took of Jake. I think you have a photographer in the making here!

Jean Smith Photography said...

SUCH cute kids! Seriously, I giggled at the one of Jake trying to "squeeze" in the picture...hee hee!

Taylor & Marisha said...


It was fun to hear from you and exciting to see pics of your new baby. You have beautiful daughters. How is Texas? Do you miss good old WV? What job did you take in TX? I haven't read the blogs yet, so maybe I will find that info.

Hope all is well!