Friday, November 16, 2007

Annie Eliza is One month old!....and then some.

Okay so I have been meaning to post pictures of just Annie for a few weeks now. Hey better late than never right? Well here she is. She turned one month old on November 5th and she just keeps getting bigger and cuter (I know it seems impossible) every day. Well here she is, enjoy.

That famous smile I have been bragging about. But isn't it totally worth bragging about, and that isn't even the best one, you have to come and visit to see one of them.
Chillin on the floor.
Annie's first week going to church. Sporting a super cute dress from her Aunt Stacy.
Annie's second Sunday going to church. We love this face and it is one that reminds us so much of Molly, she did it all of the time too.
Another cute shot of her.
Doing two of the things she loves most, swinging and sucking the bink, could life get any better?

Hey and don't miss the other two posts I did today, they are below and I know you will enjoy. We miss all of you and hope to see any of you soon.

Cute Cute Girls

We went and got the girls' pictures a few weeks ago. We wanted to get "new baby" pictures of Annie, like we had with Molly, however, even though she was only 3 weeks old she doesn't look very new in these. She was wide awake and looking around. These are some of our favorites and a couple of other random pics. Sidenote: if you don't have to go to J.C.Penny, don't.

Molly laughing. This was such a great picture of her giggling, we couldn't pass it up.
Our "new" baby. She is and has been since she has been born, so alert and awake. If you will also notice her perfect little hair line, well that no longer exists, it now starts halfway from the back and has other little balding patches, but I promise she is still as cute as ever.
The girls hanging out together, this is one of their favorite things to do
Sweet Sisters. Aren't they so adorable? I know you don't even have to answer.
The other day Molly was supposed to be napping before church. When it was almost time for her to be up and getting ready and I could still hear her in there talking I went to see what she was doing and she had lined her babies all up along the wall like this and was talking to them. Oh she makes us laugh all of the time.

Some of the funny things Molly has said lately include but are not limited to: (Me and her arguing over which binky Annie was using and me trying to get her to tell me where she hid the one Annie wanted) Molly where is the yellow binky? Mommy she is using the green one. (After a few verses of this) Molly Jane where is that yellow binky? (Molly all matter-of-factly) Mommy Hannah she is using the green one! She also says a lot, Mom I am so serious, and wow that was awsome I did that and Oh my I don't believe it. She is talking so well, sometimes too well.
And our sweet little Annie is changing and growing up every day. She has been exceptionally good this week. And we spend many moments talking silly to her because she has now mastered the art of smiling and cooing. Oh I can't even begin to tell you how much I love her little dimples and how I could do this ritual all day every day, I mean if I didn't have anything else to do. She is such a good baby and we love both of our girls so very much.

Kemah Boardwalk

Last week Jake had to go to Galveston Monday-Wednesday for a safety training. He drove down there Monday and came back that night and then also did the same thing on Tuesday, but then Tuesday night we turned around and the girls and I went back with him. We stayed in a hotel and both of the girls were so good. Wednesday afternoon we went to Kemah Boardwalk. It was a really fun day and nice to get out and do something. The weather was perfect (meaning a little cooler than its been) and it wasn't crowded and the girls were so good. Here are a few pics below. Molly and Jake riding on the carousel. Molly loves these and I don't mind them as long as I only have to ride one every once in awhile. Good thing Jake doesn't mind them. Molly looking at the alligators and turtles.
Molly and Hannah with the water behind them and of course the boardwalk too. Molly cheesing it. Molly hugging this hungry shark. Happy Holidays from the Oylers. They were putting up all of their Christmas Decor so you know I was in heaven. Isn't it crazy there are four of us now? So, I've heard before that when you have a near death experience, your life flashes before your eyes. I never beleived them until my terrifying experience at Kemah Boardwalk. We saw a sign that said you could feed stingray. I've been to things like that before...when you get to touch and pet these cute little sting ray. I was so excited to show Molly how cool they were. So I paid my $5.00 for my 4 limp sardines and approached the tank. As I saw the sloshing of the fish tank I knew that these were not your average stingray. There was nothing in there, but massive, garganteous, blood thirsty beasts. They weren't hungry the sad excuses for fish that I had in my hand, they were hungry for Jake!!! The guide explained to me, "Just put the fish between your nuckles and and stick it down into the tank between the fish and the wall." She might as well have said, place your arm in that there steel trap and you might get some of your arm back." By this time Molly is crying, "Daddy, No!" Hannah is cowering in the corner with fear. But I must! I must prove to my family that I am a real man. At this point, thoughts of Steve the animal guy are running through my mind. "If one of these took Steve-O down (R.I.P), what chance do I stand)?" Without thinking, I quickly plunged my arm deep into the water. Seven "rays" (that's what professional sting ray feeders call them) begin clammering out of the tank. The first one swims by. It was a miss. For those of you who haven't studied Sting Ray annatomy, there mouths are only about an inch wide and are in the middle of their bellies. To eat, they have to turn on their built in Hoover, and eat whatever they can suck in. So when they miss, they miss the fish, but they eat your arm, which was exactly what happend to me. I have never been so scared. This fish sucked so hard, it bruised my arm. I'm not sure whose idea it was to put 30, 6 foot, hungry stingray into a pool, and send in only one guy to feed them with 4 limp sardines. Well, as you watch the video below, you'll see that after my first attempt, I decided sticking my hand down in the water wasn't the best approach, at the same time, it wasn't necessary, since they were getting out of the pool to say, "hi" to the kids, I'd just toss one in their mouth. Sheesh!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Pumkins, Ghosts and One Little Fairy

Hello Hello. We are back. We have had a busy couple of weeks. Hannah's sister Holly came into town on the 23rd and stayed until the 31st. It was a lot of fun to have more family here and we are sad that our visits have come to an end. Molly had a lot of fun playing with Holly and being her chica babe ( a nickname from Holly) and I think Holly really enjoyed her relaxing vacation and being able to hold sweet Annie. We spent our time with Holly going to a ward Halloween party, picking out a pumpkin, making sugar cookies, and doing a lot of grocery shopping. On Halloween I took the girls into Jake's work all dressed up. It wasn't quite the same as last year when I took Molly into Jake's work full of women who oohed and ahhed over her. His work is now full of men who if we were lucky we got a " hmm cute butterfly". We took Jake out to lunch and that night we went trick or treating with a guy from Jake's work and his little girl. There were about 6 little girls with us and Molly loved it. She was a little slow and confused I think at first but after about 4 or 5 houses she got the hang of it and was soon running with the other kids and after every door she would shout..."Mommy, Daddy, I got some more candy, I need some more candy". It was really cute. I think Annie enjoyed her first Halloween as well. She didn't get as excited about the candy, but I think she enjoyed her nap in the stroller as we walked around in the 80 degree weather. We also got to celebrate on November 1st. Yup its that time of year again, Christmas music has and will be playing in our home for the next couple of months. We celebrated by having a nice dinner when Jake got home from work and listenting to some music. Well here are a lot of pictures in no particular order. Enjoy!

Molly at the ward party fishing for a treat.
Annie and Molly showing off their Halloween outfits.
Molly sitting on a pumpkin at the patch we went too, or I guess I should say church lawn we picked them off of.
I let Molly help me make sugar cookies for the first time and she even rolled and cut out one whole batch completely on her own. It was so cute and so fun to do with her.
Our little family.

Isnt' she cute?
Our little Tinkerbell. Her Aunt Cassie made the adorable costume with some additions from Grandma Lynda. Everyone thought she was so precious and had to make sure to tell us at least a couple of times.
Our super cute girls. Molly loves being a big sister and she is such a good one.

Molly with one of her very own cookies and she actually decorated this one all on her own too.
Daddy and Molly
Molly on a cart and the pumpkin place, I think she is a little distracted. Mommy and Molly
Ooh scary and man with a pumpkin head. It was qutie frightening!

Little Annie on her first Halloween. Isn't she so big. She is one month old today! We can't believe how fast it has already gone by. She is holding her head up so well and smiling and interacting a lot more now.
The girls with the pumpkins. The little one is Molly's. We told her she could pick out any pumpkin she wanted and that was the lucky little guy.
This is one of the many lizards that like to crawl on our garage at nights. We see them quite often and Molly thinks they are the greatest. I on the other hand think they are quite disgusting.
Our first pumpkins we've ever carved as a family. Isn't Jake's spooky tree so great? He did it completely free hand, I was quite impressed.
Molly and Annie very sad that Aunt Holly is going bye bye. It was fun to have her here though.
Well thats all. We will try to get some new pics of Annie up soon, she changes so much every day.