Monday, January 21, 2008

Back and Busy!

Well we are back to real life after the holidays and we have been busy as ever. Although we are only in the first month of the new year it has already been a very eventful year, as I am sure the rest of the year will be too. Jake has had to go out of town alot, well more than I would like him too and the girls are both learning new things everyday and getting so big. Here are a few pics of our year so far.

This was the mess left from our tree this year. This is the first tree of ours that has been this dead by the end. And I would say this picture doesn't really even give justice to what it really looked like. Don't worry I only clogged up the vaccumm two or three times trying to clean it up and we only find an occasional needle here and there now. I still think it is worth having a realy tree I just love them.

This is our one picture we have from New Year's Day, and as you can tell from Annie's espression it was a wild and exciting night of partying!

On the 8th was our nephew Hayden's Birthday and on the 10th was our other nephew Payton's Birthday. For about a week straight after telling Molly this, she sang Happy Birthday to both of them all day long very loudly. On Payton's birthday after calling him and telling him Happy Birthday Molly said she wanted to go to his party and eat his cake. I told her we wouldn't be able to and she cried and cried. Later that day I caught her in her room playing "Birthday Party" with her dolls. And then she asked if we could have a real party for them. So we made hats and sang Happy Birthday all day long. Here is the group photo. Left to right: Sydnie Campbell (her doll Santa gave her), Molly Jane and Baby Josie.
This month Jake and I were able to go on our first date since August. We have made an arrangement with some friends to switch off weekends so we will have two weekends a month to go out, Yay! We also celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary. Can you believe it? Time flies by when you are having fun. So just to remember that amazing day 4 years ago on January 15, 2004 I thought I would post some pictures.
The Happy couple on their big day!
And now for our biggest news of the month.....We bought a house! And we are really excited. Here is the front of the house. I will post pics of the inside later, I promise. We will be moving in sometime between Feb. 21st and the 26th. So now you all have an even bigger excuse to come and see us.
And now for your pure enjoyment a few pictures of the girls just because they are so darn cute and we know you'd be sad not to see any of them.

This is how our sweet Annie sleeps alot. Aren't her hands and feet so cute?

We also had another really exciting thing happen. Jake's sister Stacy had her baby one January 18th. They named her Claire Lucille Cardon and she is so adorable. We can't wait until we get to see her some day. Congratulations Cardons!
We love you all and miss you so much and look forward to the next time we get to see you all.


Mindy said...

So so cute!!! I love the party you and Molly had... but she forgot an Aubrey doll in there. ;) I loved your wedding pictures, too! Happy 4th anniversary!!! Your new house is so cute! I'm really happy for you guys. Love you! Miss you!

*C said...

What a great month so far for you!! Congrats on the house!! That's so fun! Happy Anniversary!! 4 years, wow!! So exciting! {your wedding pics are so cute!} And your kids are as adorable as ever!

Jackie said...

What a great post! I didn't get to come to your wedding reception, so that was so fun to see pictures! You looked beautiful! Those party hats were so stinkin' cute! You're such a great mom. And a house?!?!?!?! I'm not even going to tell you how jealous I am...but it's a lot! And it's a beautiful home too! That's exciting, can't wait to see pictures...

Stacy & Nathan Cardon said...

Annie is looking very grown up. They change to fast. Wish we could be there to see the girls all the time. Thanks for the pictures. Always makes my day.

Jami Jackson said...

Congrats on the house! I can't wait to see the inside. I bet you're anxious to move in. Your girls are so darling. Annie's dimples are the cutest I've seen!!

The Wisers said...

Hannah I'm crying right now thinking of Molly wishing she was at Payton's Birthday Party. We could have used some company that day seems how all the grandparents were busy. I love your house but feel like you are moving on without me. How could you make that kind of decision without my consent? Does this mean you will hang your hat in Texas forever?

Randi said...

Hi Jake! Thanks for the comment! I will tell Brent hi for you. I have checked out your blog a few times also! I like to go to blogs and click on the links they have to see if I know anyone. It is funny that you commented on my blog today because just this morning Brent and I were trying to clean out our garage and I was going through old boxes and I found some stuff from high school. There were a bunch of pictures from graduation with you in them!

Anyway, in response to your questions about Ron Paul, no, he is not my grandpa or my pen pal! Ha ha! The logic is that he is the best candidate! And trust me, Brent has done A LOT of research about ALL of the candidates AND the issues. Please check out Brent's post on our blog from Sat. November 3, 2007. That post explains a lot of why we want Ron Paul for President. Also, if you have time, go to youtube and type in Ron Paul and watch a few videos about him. Or at the end of the previously mentioned post there are some links to good videos.

Thanks and have a great day!