Sunday, February 24, 2008

Two Weeks of Firsts

Hannah and I were talking and we quickly realized that the past couple of weeks there were a lot of firsts for us and our family. The next pictures will take you through those.
First, was Annie's first Valentine's day, and boy, did she love it. We just filled her full of candy and sweets all day (that's a joke). But she did get to wear pink...I'm not sure how you can make it more exciting for her. You can at least say she looks happy...right?
Next, this past week was Molly's first trip to the dentist. As a father, I can confess that this is one of the scariest things you can do. Is your kid going to be the one they have to tie to the table (I'm not sure they actually do that in this country any more, but you know what I mean). Never the less, my fear were quickly set aside. I didn't know kids could be as good as she was. I think she would have sat there all day with her mouth open if you wanted her too. Not a tear, not a scream, nothing but smiles and laughter. When they told her to stick her head in the "rocket ship/x-ray machine" I think they she believed them. As her father, I wish I could take credit for it, but to be "tooth-ful" I think Molly is just a good kid. To put it in the same word's the dentist used, "she was the best 2.5 year old we have ever had."
Annie reached 4 months which means she is on to solids, and she loves them. What ever she can't get in her mouth she licks right off the tray.
Molly will go to sleep in three places: on our laps while rocking, in her bed, or in the car, but never....NEVER has she just fallen asleep while watching a movie or at the dinner table so finding her like this was certainly a FIRST!
Here is Molly and her friend Maria playing the Wii together. Molly has played the Wii before, but never with someone she can compete with. They were pretty cute to watch.
Hannah was referred to as "4-eyes" for the first time in her life. Yep, as she has gotten older she has noticed her vision has slipping so we got her some glasses. If I can say so, I think she looks pretty hot!
And there is one we don't picture of it, but Annie did roll over for the first time. It has only been once from her stomach to her back, and once from her back to her stomach.
And our last first is that on Wednesday we will officially be in our first house. Now that is an amazing first. We will keep you updated on how we like it. Keep reading below because I have some more pictures of the fam.
Just a silly picture of Molly.

Annie loves admiring herself in the mirror. Here is a fine example.
Here is Molly on Valentines day, with her new "glamorous" jewelry and bubbles.
Here is another picture of Molly on Valentine's day. Notice all of the hearts we cut out to put on the wall. We told her to spread them out, but this was as expansive as she could get.
Here we are on Valentines day taking after the tradition of my sister and making a heart pizza...yum...heart pizza.
Here is a picture of Annie and Molly hanging out. It's so fun seeing them together. Annie things Molly is the funniest thing in the world. All Molly has to do is walk towards Annie and she will start laughing her face off (not literally, for those concerned), and any other time, she can't take her eyes off of her.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

What I Heart Most...

I love Valentine's Day! I always have and don't really know why, except that I guess its a day we can do all of those incredibly cheesy things we want to do for the ones we love every other day and not look like fools. I know I should be making my loved ones feel this special every day but since it is the big love day I just wanted them and everyone else to know just how much do love them. I love my amazing, kind, and super hot husband Jake. He is my world and my everything. He is so patient and loving and generous. I would be lost without him. And I absolutely love my beautiful girls. I hope they always know how much I love them and how happy they make me. I am the luckiest gal around to have such an amazing family around me that I love more than anything. Happy Valentine's Day to all and I hope you feel have as lucky and as loved as I do.

Friday, February 08, 2008


Okay so I was going to make these a few different posts, but its taken me so long to do it that I am just giving them all to you in one shot. Its been a little crazy around here with Jake being out of town since Wednesday...we are anxiously awaiting his return tonight. And another bit of exciting news we got another adorable new niece. My sister Melissa had a little girl on January 30th. Her name is Haylee Megan Wiser and we can't wait to meet her some day. Well I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Mommy and Molly peeking out of the top of the "tree house" at the playground.

Molly often tells me lately that we are best friends, and then continues listing her other "best friends" Daddy, Annie, Josie, Payton, and Baby Lucas....and the list goes on.

This is so much fun I cannot believe it!

Swinging as a family (minus Annie, she was napping).

Our little friend at the playground (it reminded us a lot of our friends Jami and Kim's pictures of their spiders awhile ago).
Daddy's little girls.
Annie's first ride down a slide...the first of many I am sure.
Two days in a row I caught Annie falling asleep while in the middle of playing, she is an avid believer in the saying, Don't stop until you Drop.

Day two of falling asleep...I know it looks like she is awake, but she isn't believe me...I know a little creepy, but cute at the same time.

Cute sisters.

Adorable Annie.
We had to get a pic of the girls in their cute pink and chocolate brown dresses.
Molly Pie.

I know it looks like summer but guess what it's actually only February 4th 2008. Yes we were all wearing shorts and still melting in our house...its back to being cold though now, it's only in the low seventies.

Jake's art work with Molly's "yucky"stuff....its our family.
Our first time making wings, as you can see we quite enjoyed them. We are still sad we had to miss the original Super Bowl Party, but thanks to Holly and Adam we didn't have to miss it as much.
I just really liked this picture.
Molly playing hard with her pluthera of toys.