Friday, February 08, 2008


Okay so I was going to make these a few different posts, but its taken me so long to do it that I am just giving them all to you in one shot. Its been a little crazy around here with Jake being out of town since Wednesday...we are anxiously awaiting his return tonight. And another bit of exciting news we got another adorable new niece. My sister Melissa had a little girl on January 30th. Her name is Haylee Megan Wiser and we can't wait to meet her some day. Well I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Mommy and Molly peeking out of the top of the "tree house" at the playground.

Molly often tells me lately that we are best friends, and then continues listing her other "best friends" Daddy, Annie, Josie, Payton, and Baby Lucas....and the list goes on.

This is so much fun I cannot believe it!

Swinging as a family (minus Annie, she was napping).

Our little friend at the playground (it reminded us a lot of our friends Jami and Kim's pictures of their spiders awhile ago).
Daddy's little girls.
Annie's first ride down a slide...the first of many I am sure.
Two days in a row I caught Annie falling asleep while in the middle of playing, she is an avid believer in the saying, Don't stop until you Drop.

Day two of falling asleep...I know it looks like she is awake, but she isn't believe me...I know a little creepy, but cute at the same time.

Cute sisters.

Adorable Annie.
We had to get a pic of the girls in their cute pink and chocolate brown dresses.
Molly Pie.

I know it looks like summer but guess what it's actually only February 4th 2008. Yes we were all wearing shorts and still melting in our house...its back to being cold though now, it's only in the low seventies.

Jake's art work with Molly's "yucky"stuff....its our family.
Our first time making wings, as you can see we quite enjoyed them. We are still sad we had to miss the original Super Bowl Party, but thanks to Holly and Adam we didn't have to miss it as much.
I just really liked this picture.
Molly playing hard with her pluthera of toys.


T & L SMITH said...

well i decided that if yall want to go somewhere and need a babysitter, Leisha and I would love to take care of those flippin cute girls...mercy Molly is all grown up

Holly said...

I can not believe how grown up the girls are. It makes me miss them so much more. I am glad you had the wings. They do make life so much more enjoyable.

FiveKidsandsomeChocolate said...

I don't think children could get anymore adorable! I wish you were here so I could show you off....any desire to move to the West coast?

Mindy said...

Hannah, your girls are so cute!!! How come Molly's hair is always perfection? Aubrey would NEVER keep anything in at that age. We were looking through old pictures last night, and there were some interesting hairdos. I love the side ponytail picture of Molly! I can't believe how grown up she looks! And Annie is getting so cute... any chance you might just mail your girls to me? :) Pretty please?

Williams Family said...

Your girls are so stinking cute. I can't believe how big molly is. I haven't looked at your blog forever and I'm blowen away. It looks like you guys are doing great. Congrats on the home and everything.

Jean Smith Photography said...

You have SUCH beautiful little girls! I loved all of the pics (except the creepy spider...hee hee).

meg baker said...

What cutie pies! I love the pictures. I'm jealous of the hot weather. Love- The Freezing Baker Family

Jami Jackson said...

So cute Hannah! I love looking at you blog. The spider was kind of creepy but I guess I put one on my blog too. Your girls are just adorable!!! I love their matching dresses. Isn't it fun (and dangerous) to want to match them up? I love doing it too!

Stacy & Nathan Cardon said...

I can't believe how big annie is! Wow! She looks so grown up. It makes me want to hold her and see her. Thanks for all your recent love and suppport. Miss you guys.

Kim Walker said...

Geez! Your hair is so long and so is Molly's. So when do you move into your new house? I'm so excited for you. I really don't like your spider friend. I'm glad I didn't have to take that picture. You're girls are so big, I can't believe how big Molly is getting! Are you enjoying TX? At least it's winter. Enjoy it while it lasts!!!