Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday To Us, Happy Birthday to Us

Well Oyler Birthday Extravaganza Week has come and gone. It was full of fun and excitement as in the past. We were shown so much love from many of our friends and family, with gifts, cards and phone calls. We were very blessed. It was alot of fun to have Annie here with us this year and we look forward to celebrating her Birthday in about a month. Well here is our month so far in pictures.
We had this sign up all week, it kept it festive. And you can see all of the nice cards we received from loved ones displayed on the counter. Thank you everyone.
Molly Jane Oyler. 3 years old. August 1, 2008.
Molly eating one of her favorites...skinny pancaks.

Grandma Lynda sent Molly a princess umbrella and you can tell by her face here, just how excited and happy she was about that. I am pretty sure this was and still is her favorite gift. Its been raining more often and each time it does she begs and begs to go out with her umbrella. Its pretty cute actually.

Here she is testing it out to make sure it works right.

Here Mol is sporting her gift from the Wisers. That monkey lights up everytime the shirt moves...its awesome!
Molly changed her mind about a million times in the weeks previous to her birthday about what kind of cake she wanted. She finally decided on a pink and purple butterfly.
We went to a movie after breakfast that day and then she helped me decorate her cake, by the time we wer done she was exhausted. It was okay though she needed her energy for her big party that night.

Molly asked if several of her friends could come for her birthday. Her first two choices were Josie and Libby. I told her since they lived too far away we would have to find som friends who lived closer to come. She chose her friends, Maria, Lincoln and Baby Lucas. So we invited them an their parents over for dinner. We made pizza, opened gifts and had cake and ice cream. Molly had a blast. Thanks to everyone who came and for all of the nice gifts, it was too kind of you all.

Here Molly is eating her cake...its just not as funny as when they are younger. But still cute.
Molly and most of her gifts...looks like she did well huh? You'd think she wouldn't be bored anymore...that is not the case.
In some of her dress ups with the famous umbrella.
Birthday family pic #1.
How precious.
Molly wearing Grandma Jill's gift and showing off her gift from the Cardons. She loves, loves both.
As soon as she got all dressed up in her clothes she looked at Jake so seriously and said " Daddy lets get married." Here they are getting hitched. She sure loves her daddy.

Jake D. Oyler. 26 years old. August 3, 2008

This pic is out of order but this is how excited Jake was all day on his Birthday. Here he is with one of his gifts from his mom, he really was so excited to get some Wii games...loves the Wii.
Birthday family pic #2
Jake modeling his new Astros hat that the girls and I gave him. Isn't he so hot?

Daddy's little girls.
Birthday cake...can't get enough!
Sweet Annie.

Hannah Dee Oyler. 26 years old. August 5, 2008.

Here I am eating dinner at Red Robin. It had rained all day because of Edourd, but we all got to go out and eat at one of our favorite places and it was so nice to not have to cook or do dishes.
Molly helping blow out the candles.

Birthday family pic #3.
Annie wanting to be a princess too.
Cute girl
Look how great these work Stacy...we love them. Thanks.
Annie loves kissing that cute baby in the mirror. Can you blame her?
Love this face
Molly posing on the "broken" tree.
Jake finally found a softball team to join with some guys from the ward. He loves it and even after all of this time he still has it. We love going to watch him play.
What a big girl. Annie has actually started taking 2-3 steps all on her own.Cute sisters. Well this is what we have been up too. This month has just flown by. Good luck to all of those of you who are starting back to school and hope you all enjoy your last days of summer. We are anxiously awaiting the end of this summer and looking forward to the cooler weather that we can go out and play in everyday. We haven't had any visitors lately and we miss all of you so if any of you are looking for a vacation we are taking reservations now. Love all of you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Since We've Been Home

Well since we have been back from Utah, time seems to have flown by. I don't really know what we have been up to but its been crazy! We got back the night of July 3rd. We were so excited for the 4th of July and could hardly wait for all of the fun. Well we got to bed late that night and Annie and I were starting to get sick. We woke up late the next morning so we missed all of the parades. And then we just slummed around most of the day. Later that afternoon we went over to some of our favorite friends house and we went swimming, ate a lot of delicious food and hung out while the kiddos played together. We left to try to make it to the fireworks and by the time we got there, both girls were asleep, (Molly was sick by this time too) we all felt awful, so we just rented a movie and came home and watched it. Sort of a lame 4th for us (only because we missed the parade and fireworks that we love so much and we were all sick). Thank goodness the Swanson's invited us over and provided lots of fun or else we would have been big losers. I don't really know what else happened in July. But keep watching for upcoming pictures of Oyler Birthday Extravaganza Week coming soon.

Mol in her awsome sunglasses aunt Melissa gave her while visiting her office. Thanks aunt Mel!
The girls swimming on the 4th of July.

Molly in her totally rad 4th of July crown her nursery teacher made for her. Her new thing is to try and look grumpy in pictures...I just think she looks cute.
Annie's first 4th of July, sporting a super cute hat and sunglasses compliments of Grandma Lynda.
We did head to Lousianna again right after we came home. Jake had more work there and since we were all sick I figured we might as well just be lounging around somewhere else and at least we would get to see Jake in the evenings. Looks exciting huh?

Annie with her first little piggy's. Oh my gosh she is adorable!
Just looking cute here
I just though this picture was really cute and I can't believe the resemblance to her cousins.
Annie has begun to find her nose and ears as well as other peoples too. She likes to grab a hold of them nice and tight. Here she is showing Jake where her nose is.

Stay tuned for Birthday pics coming soon.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Summer Time Lovin

WARNING: Picture overload ahead. Continue on at own risk.
Well we have had a full and busy summer. Sorry for the delay in pictures, but we have not had any internet until now so hope you enjoy even though they are later. The day after Jake and I returned from NYC, the girls and I flew to Utah with my mom. We headed to Jake's families for the first few days and were able to see all of them except Stacy's husband Nathan. It was a lot of fun and we were so glad they all made time for us in their busy schedules.
Here is Molly and her cousins taking a ride with Grandpa Golfball out at the golf course. Mol wasn't so sure at first but warmed up real fast, especially since Mia was kind enough to hold her hand
Here are all the grandkids on the Oyler side...yup 6 girls. Who needs boys when you make girls this cute? Right.
Molly showing off her "small" bag of candy Grandpa gave to her. (each girl got their own) He sure spoils them and Molly loves every minute of it.
Annie getting to know her Grandma Jill a little better.
It took Mals and Mol a little while to warm up to eachother, but once they did they were pretty darn cute.
Annie's first real time sitting on the grass, of course she isn't in this picture, because she could barely stand it and wouldn't leave the blanket if her life depended on it.
The first night visiting my family all of the sistas went out on the town. We hit up Firehouse (yum!) and Smith's Marketplace, which I believe is the only store open in Logan after 9. It was so much fun though and I miss all of you girls so so much! The little girls all stayed home with Grandma and had a Pinkalicious Princess Party, Molly loved it all.
I got the pics out of order but here are the girls saying goodbye to Grandma Jill in adorable outfits she gave them. Thank you.
Here is my sister Holly and I. I put this picture on because it is the last decent picture I have of me with my hair long, it took me 2 years to grow it out and then off it came.

The next day we headed to Bear Lake. It was so much fun and the kids all loved it. Its nice cause the water isn't deep at all and there were so many helping hands I ended up barely having to watch my kids at all. Grandma Lynda worried enough for all of us. Here is Molly spraying someone or something I am sure.
I let Mindy give Annie some RedVines and boy did she love it. I practically had to pry the soggy remains from her hand.
Molly filfthy and happy after a day in the sun and a Raspberry shake.
Dirty and Happy Annie.
Annie with her Aunt Cassie. Its wierd this was the first time for the 2 to meet, seems how I saw Cassie so often while Annie was in my belly, maybe thats why they hit it off so great.

Oh Sweet Haylee... Isn't she adorable?
Holly and Mindy "pretending" to like one another
Molly loves the fourwheeler and her uncle Brandon. Strange to me how times change...who would have known my kids would love Brandon, but hey who doesn't right? I know I do.
My bestest cutest little guy. Payton...Oh I could not get enough of this little guy the whole time I was home.
Mol and her best pal Jos playing together.

Annie and Alyssa...the greatest babysitter I know.

All the grandkids on the Smith side...I can't believe how big they are all getting.
Best Friends!
I hate that these 2 can't see eachother every day...that would be a dream come true for Molly. We talk about Josie I would say at least 1/4 of every single day. No joke.
The girls wearing clothes that my sister and I wore when we were little. And no my family is not a polygamist family.

This is molly having to play on the tramp with older cousins........

but give her a bucket and some water and space and she is one happy camper.
Could this be any cuter?
This was the first try at "Let's get a cute picture for Daddy."
I have a picture of Molly doing this same thing last year and boy I can't believe how much she has grown up and changed this past blows my mind.

Super Cute

Molly waited and waited for Grandpa Lauritz to take her on a fourwheeler ride, so the moment my dad and a spare minute we got her on and she loved it.
This trip was a little sad for me. I got to see all of mine and Jake's grandparents, which was really good, but bad at the same time. They are all really starting to age. But we did get pictures and I know we will treasure them always.Here are the girls with Grandpa Great Smith.

Me and my grandpa
Annie and her Great Grandma Jarvis. Both of them are the only ones in our family to have been born in of course they have a special bond.

Here we are with both my Grandparents.
My sisters and I talked repeatedly about getting a cute picture together...and this is the best we got, all of us in our pjs, the morning Cassie was flying out. I love you all.
Haylee and Annie all ready for the 4th of July...Cute cousins.
I was so happy to be able to see so many friends and family. A bunch of my cousins and aunts and uncles all got together one night and it was so much fun to see them all. I wish I had some pictures of it, but I don't. But here is one of me and my dearest cousin and friend Hayley. Even though it was only for a moment it was so great to see you Hayley.
I was also able to see some of our bestest friends from Morgantown, the Pingles. It was so great to see you guys, we miss you all so much. I wish we would have had the time to see all of our friends, but as you can see we were already running around like crazy people. We were sad Jake couldn't come with us this time and we missed him so much.
I just realized I don't have one picture of my mom, alone, with me or my kids, but I just want to thank her so much for coming to watch the girls while we were gone, and for everything while we were at your house. You are the best and I can't thank you enough for all of your love, support, packages, notes of kindness and encouragement and especially your example. I only hope to be half the mom you were to me. I love you.