Monday, October 20, 2008

SePtEmBeR...come and gone

I know we've been gone for awhile, but here are some pics just to show you what we were up to in September. Despite Ike our lives have gone on and even though we haven't been up to a lot we have enjoyed these last couple of months.
One day I told Molly to go and get clean panties and put them on, a few minutes later she came into the room and said "is this how you put them on mommy?"...She is always such a jokester and keeps us laughing all the time.
Cute girls posing for the camera...these two really are such good friends and they love to sit on the couch together and watch their movies.
This is what crazy Annie looks can get a little scary.
One night I was making dinner and put Annie in her chair so she could be in the kitchen with my but not cause any trouble, within minutes she was out. This was like a miracle because this kid never just falls asleep.
Molly was worried about her though cause she didn't have clothes on so she went and got her blanket for her and covered her all up good.
The weather has been so nice lately and is finally cooling off, it only gets up to like 82 degrees now, so we have been trying to take more advantage of the park and going on walks...sure do love being able to go outside and not want to die.
We went miniture golfing a while ago and it was alot of fun. Molly enjoyed it quite a bit.  I am pretty sure we all did really good too.
Molly just being Molly.


Mindy said...

I loved the panty story, and the blanket in the high chair. Your girls are a hoot!

jhjonze said...

They look like such fun little girls. I would love to meet them one day!

Holly said...

Molly - My what beautiful panties you have.