Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween Festivities

This Halloween was so much fun. It did feel like it lasted a long time though. And as I look back at pictures its no wonder why. We started celebrating the week before and were busy all Halloween day. It gets more fun each year as the kids get older and more excited.
So we carved a pumpkin the week before and I think Jake and Mols did pretty good. Molly even dared touch the "squishy" stuff this year. Molly told Jake what to carve and he did.
 As you can tell the Jack 'O Lantern has a mustache requested by Molly.
 Molly helped me bake and decorate cookies for our ward Trunk or Treat. She is such a great helper. We had so much fun at the party too. The weather was perfect so we did it all out in the church parking lot. I didn't get any pictures that night, but they had lots of games for the kids and I wish I could have taken pics of some of the peoples trunks they were all decked out and so much fun.
 This is the day before Halloween. The girls are sharing a sucker and Annie was loving it. Here she is getting a taste.
 Molly looks funny in this picture, I actually think she is singing at the time, but I love Annie's mouth open and waiting for the next lick.
 Just cute pic of the girls
 So our Halloween was a long and busy day, but so much fun. It started out with Molly going to her  first Birthday Party. She had so much fun, but its funny how when all the other kids are jumping on the trampoline, Molly is over dancing on the blankets all by herself. She did love giving her little friend his present though and she even picked it out all by herself. It was fun to see the kids all dressed up in their cute costumes.
 We left right from the party to go and take Jake out to lunch and visit his work with the kids dressed up. This has sort of become a tradition to go visit Jake on Halloween with the kids dressed up. Funny we are eating lunch and everyone keeps telling us how cute our kids are and telling Molly how she makes a perfect Dorothy. Anyways this family sitting next to us just kept staring at the kids and before we left, the mom came over and told Molly she thought she was so pretty and her little sister was so cute and they were sad because they didn't have any candy to give them, so she said, but we really want to give you something and she gave Molly and Annie each a dollar. Funny huh? I guess it really does pay to have cute kids. Haha.
It was hard to get really great pics of the girls before going Trick or Treating, Molly was too excited and Annie was too distracted but here some are anyways.
 Annie our Bee...very interested in the long weed on our lawn...thats sort of beeish right?
 Forever before Halloween Molly insisted on being a princess. I really was not ready to have to do the princess thing already and probably keep doing it for who know how long, so I took her to Target to look at the other costumes in hopes to persuade her to be a witch or something when she spotted the Dorothy dress. After that she didn't talk about anything else even though she has no idea what the Wizard of Oz is. But I must say she did make the cutest Dorothy I've ever seen and people would tell her this while Trick or Treating and then precede to give her handfuls of candy.
 Jake started to feel really bad that Molly was going to have to go door to door dressed up by herself so he decided last minute to throw this costume together and go as an old time golfer. I think he pulled it off rather well. Isn't he the best Dad in the world to do that for his kid? Oh no wonder I love him so much.
 I was feeling a little left out so I put on some Fairy wings and one of Mols crowns to join in the fun. Here we are before heading out .
After about 2 hours of walking and only actually going to like 15 houses we hurried home and headed to some of our friend's house to make caramel apples. It was so much fun and they were delicious. It was a late night for the girls, but we all had such a great time and they were so good.
So that was our onto the Holidays...yes we are already listening to Christmas Music and in fact have a lot of our shopping done too. We intend to fully enjoy December and not have to stress at all. If any of you are looking for somewhere to go for Thanksgiving or Christmas, our house is open to friends and family, we would love visitors, but of course you all already know that. We love you all and wish you Happy Holidays.


Julie said...

I have to agree- your kids looked awesome in their costumes! I love Molly's and little Annie was the cutest bee ever! How fun...and now I want a carmel apple really bad!

Mindy said...

Your girls are adorable! I'd want to give them money too. ;) I'm very impressed by Jake's last minute costume! And Hannah, you look gorgeous in anything. I wish we could come see you guys for Christmas and Thanksgiving! I don't know if we're even going to be able to go anywhere with Brandon on call. Poopy.

jhjonze said...

CUTEST COSTUMES EVER! Just thought you should know.

Stacy & Nathan Cardon said...

I'm impressed jake had those dandy pants on hand. I was a super model again this year for Halloween. It's just something I know I can always pull off. Hee Hee. Those girls are the cutest ever. Love the sucker pictures.

jill.oyler said...

Wow, I do have the cutest grandkids in the world. Tell Molly and Annie I thought they were perfect - Annie as a bee and Molly as Dorothy. I still laugh about our conversations on Halloween. Warmed my heart, yes it did. I too was impressed by the antique golfer - are those pajama pants?



Holly said...

So Cute! I love Mols standing like Jake.

MikeandAsh said...

Glad you could come to the apple party. I think we'll make it an annual thing. I love your kids costumes!

Wendy said...

Sounds fun and busy! I bet Halloween is so much fun with little kids!

Mindy said...

You don't have a comment place on your most recent post, so I'm commenting here... how come I've never heard of Eli Stone? What channel is it on? I'll try to support it for you, but I don't have a good record of helping keep shows on that I like... sniff, sniff... Veronica Mars...