Sunday, December 14, 2008

NoVeMbEr, nOvEmBeR

Okay so we might be late at posting but that is better than never right? Well I won't bore you with details, but we had a nice November. It started out with Our Annual Holiday Dinner on the 1st, Molly starting preschool on the 3rd and ending with Thanksgiving and a haircut. Here are the pictures you've all been waiting for, however I need to apologize many of them are blurry, our camera has been very tempermental...I sure hope Santa is feeling very generous this year...haha.
The Oyler's Annual Holiday Dinner
Molly's first First Day of School picture. I can't believe we have a preschooler!
Smiling for dad after he dropped her off for her first day
And there she goes...our big girl
One day while I was cooking I could hear the girls giggling over in the corner, soon after Molly comes walking over pulling Annie along, and I know you can't tell very well but all those extra curves Annie is sporting aren't because of her holiday eating habits, they are actually letter magnets and she has all but two in her onsie I believe.
We watched one of our friends little boys one night and all of the kids insisted on sitting on the same little chair, the funny thing was they were all fine with it, as long as they were all on.
Here we are hanging out in Ikea. We had so much fun with the Swansons and we always look forward to fun times with them.
Here the girls are modeling their adorable aprons from Aunt is one side...
And here is the other.
Annie all tuckered out...these are rare moments so I like to capture them on the camera when they do
We love Annie's morning face...isn't it cute? And see her big sister (who is also adorable in the morning) wanting in on the action
But then when its her turn here she is trying not to smile, because she had to wait her turn...silly little girl
Molly learend all about Fire Safety on day at school and here she is showing me her hat and her cool pencil...isn't that face hilarious...I love pictures like this that just really show Molly's silly personality.
Here we are waiting for the big Tomball Holiday Parade...being from small towns we weren't expecting much, but boy did they put on a production, the parade lasted over two hours...the girls loved it (well Annie did once she had a sucker in hand), they did however have at least 25 seperate cars carrying girls who were going to be in the Miss Tomball pagaent that night, I guess that might have helped with the time thing.
More swing time at the park
We sort of forgot to take our camera out during our wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner. We had some very nice friends from our ward  that invited us over with another awesome family. It was such a nice day, Molly played the whole day with her friend Lindsey and Annie was content just walking around. The meal was excellent and the company better.  It was fun but we sure missed our families still. We did take a few family pics that evening though 
The real us
Molly's hair...we had never cut it before not even a trim (okay I did cut of some wingy things she had around 8 months old but I wouldn't count it as a hair cut) I was very nervous about this day, but not only did we cut it....
I actually did it myself! AHHH it was scary, but now I wish I would have cut more off.
Here is the after shot all dried and curled.
Well thats November...and don't stay away too long we already have lots of great happenings in December and you won't want to miss Annie's bad Santa photos, Molly's Rocking Songs, and much more. We love you all and hope you are really enjoying this Season. I know we are, we are so greatful for this time of year to really reflect on our lives and all the the Savior has given us. We are so blessed. We have so much to be greatful for. We love you.


jhjonze said...

I can't believe she is in preschool. That just seems so weird. I love the haircut and all the great pictures!

Mindy said...

I can't wait for December's extravaganza! I love all your pictures, even if your camera is being a bum. The aprons looks so cute!!! Good job with the haircut! It looks like she was holding very still. We miss you guys like CRAZY!!!!!!!

Stacy & Nathan Cardon said...

I feel like crying right now...okay I am crying right now. I am so sad at how big Annie is. I wish I could see you guys. What cuties. I love that picture of Molly being silly...she looks just like her dad in that picture. Love you!

Jami Jackson said...

Molly's hair so darling!! You did a good job! I know I've said it before, but your girls are seriously so stinkin' cute and they just keep getting cuter.

Hey, I noticed that you painted your table black. I'm thinking about doing that to ours. How did you do it?

ash said...

Fun times at the Oyler residence! Nice update and cute kids! I'm a little curious about this Holiday dinner thing. You'll have to tell me about that. Lets get together over the Christmas break! Can I watch your kids for you this week?? I don't want you to think I forgot. :)

123 checkoutourfamily said...

Let me just tell you how adorable your kids are. Seriously, they're the cutest!

I love their little aprons and I wish I had an aunt that made some or that I had great sewing skills to do it.

Love the kiddos all bunched up in one chair. Now that's some serious sharing.

The Domestic Goddess in Training said...

Cute pictures. It's fun to see updates of your family.

The Daleys said...

Hey Jake, I'm so glad you found our blog! I too have often wondered what became of all us QPDers. There is no way Molly is in preshool - crazy!! Your girls are adorable and you all look great. Sounds like you are enjoying Texas, that's awesome. It'll be fun to keep in touch now.

Slyck and Slim said...

ah hah! I found you finally! What a fun post. I loved all the pictures and you are pretty funny, girl! Good job on the haircut too -- looks beautimous. Thanks again for lunch on Friday. That was fun to get the kids together and have time to eat and chat, too. I want to see some Molly groovin' next time. :)

Jean Smith Photography said...

merry christmas oylers!!!