Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fun Times

Well the last couple of years since we have been by our selves for the holidays we have decided to do something fun together as a family. Last year we saw a movie and this year Molly wanted to go bowling. It was alot of fun. We put up the bumpers and Mols had one of those things you roll the ball down. We all had a good time.
A shot of the pro.
Molly so excited to be there bowling
Preparing to bowl
And off it goes
Annie getting in on the fun too
Aren't they cute?
And the final score...just in case you are wondering who is who...M-Molly:90, H-Hannah:118, JD-Jake:87, yes Molly did beat her dad. Its so unusual usually Jake is such an amazing bowler, thats one of the reasons I married him, his bowling skills. I love you babe.
Last year we made a resolution take more pics together...well a year later, here you have it, another one.
A couple days after Christmas my sister Cassie and her cute family drove all the way here from North Carolina. We were so happy to have some family here, and even though it was only for a moment, we had so much fun and are so greatful that they took the time to come see us.
Me and Cassie
Molly with her cousins Alyssa and Hayden, she loves them so much. We spent alot of time with them while in WV, so it was good to visit with them again.
Here Jake and Annie are sitting with Thomas Ball (Tomball) at the Depot.
Cute cousins
Molly on the train car
Alyssa, Doug and Cassie...sharing in one of our favorites...Pappasitos
Molly, Jake, and Hayden...yummy
Me and Annie girl, look at that tongue
Stay tuned still more pictures to come soon. We have lots of pictures of what we have been up to you know the usual January activities, picnics, parks, walks. How about you guys what have you all been up too? It was about 75 today, but now it is so cold, like 45, but with humidity 30 something...brrr. Haha.


ash said...

You guys do fun things! I have a personal goal to score 100 or above bowling before I die. I'm terrible. I love all your pictures and I want to go to Papasitos.

jhjonze said...

Cute pictures. You need to take more together because you guys are so dang cute! I am so terrible at bowling!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

cute pics! Yay for breaking 100! I like bowling but I'm not so great.

Whitney Harris said...

Looks like you had a great holiday even if you were away from family. We are looking into U of Texas in Austin for law school. Where are you guys at in Texas? Do you love it there like everyone else seems to?

Ireland Fam said...

Good to see your faces. I have almost forgotten what you guys look like. It feels like it has been forever. I'm pretty stressed out right now. Everything is breaking or half fixed around here and Ben's work is slow. (Obviously) I am so tired. Thank you for being patient with us.

V and Co. said...

heya! been meaning to come over here and say hello and thank you for you kind comment! your little girls are still so stinkin cute and so are you!

Jathan and Heather said...

Cute bowling pictures! And fun that your sister and her fam visited you. Those kids are HUGE! I haven't seen them since we drove to Seattle and stayed with them. Fun times. We're planning on moving to Oregon in June. Will you guys be visiting Utah sometime before then? If so, let us know so that we can meet up. Who knows when we'll see ya once we're in Oregon :( Take care Nah! Heath

Riley and Ashley Smith said...

Our kids love to go bowling, probably because they know they are going to beat me! I just made up Tayte's hair styles. I have a lot of free time with no family around. I'm sure you know how that goes.

Wendy said...

I love your blowing pictures! It's nice to see that you can take a family bowling, cuz Dave and I go a lot. I guess we still will be able to whenever we have kids!

Christensen Family said...

Looks like you guys had a fun holiday! The bowling pics are cute. Your girls are darling and getting big.