Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blue Bonnets, Ward Camp Out, and Other Stuff

North of Houston is a small town called Brenham. It's famous for two things...Blue Bell Ice Cream and its Wild Blue Bonnet Flowers. They are two things I firmly beleive everyone should experience. In March the flowers are a bloomin' so we drove up there after church today and took a few pictures (119 to be exact). We are by no means professional photographers, but we got a few cute pics of the girls and thought you might like to see them.
The family picture. I pick the worst picture takers whenever we need a family photo. After we overcome the language barrier I then have to teach them how to use a camera. It rarely works.  
Here is our Annie tromping through the Blue Bonnets. All she wanted to do was pick them and avoid the camera.
Here is our model who insisted that she lay down in flowers for her pictures. It turned out to be a good idea. She looks pretty darn cute.
Something was pretty funny...and she is pretty cute.
Here are my two monkeys attacking me. Poor defenseless daddy.
And here are the three most beautiful girls sitting in one of the most beautiful places on earth. It's a great combination.
Annie insisted on hugging Molly. Always makes for a picturesque moment.
Friday was the ward campout. Our girls were ecstatic to rough it in the City Park we were going to. We set up our tent in lush grassy field we were camping in and prepared for the worst. Molly was so excited about the tent she was ready for bed a few minutes after we got there.  
In reality, it did end up being pretty cold. The stinky wind was blowing all night so we were in the tent by 9:30. I think the temperature got down to the low 40s, which is cold for us thin-skinned Houstonians. Luckily our girls slept through the night (probably because they were in the middle of us) and seemed pretty cozy. I think camping was a hit, and hopefully we'll get them out into the real forrest soon.  
Annie's first marshmallow roasting.
Hannah is really excited to be in the tent. And she is really cute. It's lovely being married to a woman who loves camping, and wants our kids to experience things like this. It's excellent.
Here is a picture of our girls on St. Patty's Days. Annie has to copy everything Molly is doing. They are the two craziest girls in the world.
'Sup Utah! We are swimmin' down here in H-town. And since then, the girls have been asking to swim everyday. Molly loves having a swim partner this year. They'd move into the pool if they could.


123 checkoutourfamily said...

Oh, I love the bluebonnet pics. The one of Molly in the flowers is gorgeous! She had a great idea!

I'm glad ya'll were at the campout--it was cold but fun.

We're looking forward to pulling out the pool and making good use of it.

Mindy said...

Ha! Swimming, eh? No snow here, but plenty of freezing wind. ;) The bluebells are beautiful, and did you say ice cream??? You got some GREAT pictures, I love them! The camping looks like such fun, and Hannah is a serious hottie. Love you guys!

Pamela said...

I love your family! Y'all are just so cute! And, my brother-in-law lives in TX and he is OBSESSED with Blue Bell ice cream. He doesn't eat anything else.

Jami Jackson said...

Your girls are just too cute! I can't get enough of Annie's dimples. And you're making me jealous with all that warm weather. It snowed here in Utah!

Jill Oyler said...

I loved the pictures. You are all adorable and it looks like a great time was had by all. Thanks for taking the time to share them - it makes my day.

I love you guys!


Grandma Jill

Ireland Fam said...

Super cute dudes. I'm glad you enjoyed the camping trip. I mean, I froze that night and I was at my house!

Stacy & Nathan Cardon said...

You are always rubbing in that stinkin good weather. We had a snow and wind storm today...don't be jealous. I loved running as the snow pelted my eyeballs. Nothing better. I mean, nothing better than my super cutie pie nieces. I want to see the blue bonnets:(

Slyck and Slim said...

What great pictures in the bluebonnets! You could pass for a professional photographer -- those were great! Missed you guys at the campout -- looked like fun. I was home with sick kids. We should go on a campout sometime! I didn't know Hannah liked to camp so much. Another thing we have in common! :)

The Daleys said...

Those pictures in the flowers are so adorable. And I love how Molly is now a gangster - how long have you been planning that one?

Whitney Harris said...

Looks like you had fun playing in the flowers. Your girls are getting so big and so cute. Your family pictures turned out real well too. I added your email hopefully that is the email you use for blogger. Let me know if it didn't work. And good for you to go camping with little girls, I don't think I could have done it or wanted to try.

Kirstie said...

its fun seeing pictures of your family at the same places as my sister!