Monday, October 12, 2009

Savage Manager's Meeting 2009 Ogden, Utah

Yes last year we went to New York City for the Manager's Meeting, and this year we went to Ogden, Utah. Every other year is in Utah, so it was expected to not be as awesome as last year, but we still had a lot of fun. It is always nice to have an all expense paid getaway without kids for a couple days. The first night we had a dinner with booths that told all about the different operations and a spouse meeting where some of the head honchos talk to all of us spouses and tell us how great we are and stuff like that.

They try to do a service project each year. This year they just split us up in a bunch of groups and we did various service projects around the Ogden area. Our group spent time cleaning and fixing up a long stay rehab center. Jake and I got stuck with clearing weeds and raking trash up outside. At first we were bummed because it was so hot and dirty, but soon we realized even though it was hard work we had the better end of the deal. Other were inside cleaning disgusting bathrooms and such. It was pretty funny to see grown men walk out of there looking ill. Here we are working hard.

We also helped sand and stain this little deck. Its always a lot of fun to do these even though we always leave wishing we could have done more for them. They are always so grateful though.

That night we went to Fort Buenaventure , its sort of a rendezvous place. We had to go around to all of these different stations and do certain things so we could get tickets for drawings later on. Here  we are doing our tomahawk throws. Look at that form. Jake actually got it to stick in the log too.

And here we are shooting rifles at targets. It was so loud!

Can't forget our Mountain Man that helped demonstrate.

Jake's turn.

One of the stations we had to row out across this little reservoir. Here I am paddling. But I had to look back to see what Jake was doing cause it felt like I was doing all the work.

This is what was going on behind me.....

and this...

and this....

and this too! Sorry babe they were too funny to pass up though!

Posing in one of the little cabins there. We also ate a delicious steak dinner and watched a performance by the local Indian tribe.

The next morning, way earlier then we should have been up, we participated in the 5k fun run. Jake was a trooper and ran extra slow so he could stay with me the whole time. Isn't he the best. This was Jake's attempt to take a picture while running. Not bad huh?

The last day after meetings all morning we went to Fat Cats and were split into teams. Each team had to bowl, miniature golf, do bumper cars, and then we each had a big event we had to do also. So we had to combine our bowling and miniature golf scores, and then we got points for completing the other events too. Here is Jake bowling.

And me too.

Jake's event he had to do was the surfing. This place was really cool, we had a lot of fun here. I would highly recommend going sometime. Here he is getting let out on the rope.

And I love this one cause it shows how hard he is concentrating.

Here he is without the rope.

And then I had to put one of what it was like when they would crash. He did awesome though!

My event was rock climbing. I look super ornery in this picture...I don't know maybe I was:) The other event that someone had to do was the sky diving simulater. That is something I really want to try to do sometime.

This was the big fancy dinner the last night. It was a lot of fun. They always feed us really well the whole time, and didn't let us down this night either. This night they had a dinner theater going on that was very entertaining. They also give out prizes and awards for different things. Our group at Fat Cats won, so we each got a $50 bill. Sweet huh? Here we are all dressed up.

 We had lots of fun and are already looking forward to next years! It was nice to be able to just leave the kids with my mom and not have to worry about how we were going to get someone to Houston to watch them so we could go. Another benefit of living closer to family! We also are so grateful for Jake's job. We feel so blessed to be working for this company. They have been so good to us. Right now is hard, with them starting this operation from the ground up it has taken Jake away from us much more than we like, and sometimes it feels like he isn't getting paid enough for the hours he is working, but we wouldn't change a thing. They are great and our lives have been blessed emensely by working for them. And when it does get hard, we just have to remember we are so blessed to even have a job there are a lot of people who don't have that luxury right now.


Mindy said...

Sounds like a fun time... and I love the black with white polka dots. :) We do have to remember to be grateful for a job... Brandon and I figured out what he makes per hour today. It's really funny, like laugh until you cry funny. ;)

Love you guys!

Slyck and Slim said...

Wow! Are they hiring! :) What a fun time with your cool company. I love your hair and my favorite picture had to be the one with the mountain man kinda checkin you out. Fun times together!

Jill Oyler said...

Great pictures of both of you. I'm glad you had a great time together. I would be way ornery about rock climbing - just not feasible. So, I think you were a great sport to even do it. Thanks for the pictures.

The Daleys said...

Lucky! That sounds awesome

Brad said...

I'm taking it upon myself to name jake's faces in each of his self-portraits on the lake:
1. The 'Did you say triplets?' face
2. The 'Don't you know who I am?' face
3. The 'I really can lift up this oar, so HAH!' face
4. The 'I'd rather hug it out than fight you for it' face

Brad said...

I spent a little too much time looking at jake's pictures, but i came up with some more:
1. The "You maxed out our credit cards at the DI??" face
2. The "This haircut cost me $18" face
3. The "Why did scratching my back with that oar make my tongue swell up?" face
4. "Daisies?....aaaaaaah." (more of a caption than name for a face, but you must admit I nailed it).