Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A trip to Escalate

You say Escalantee, I say Escalatay, others say Escalant...regardless, we were headed there for a little Oyler family getaway. We rented a cabin for a few days in order to have some fun, eat some good food and take in the sites. The cabin was beautiful and big enough that the kids could do their thing, and the parents could do theirs. I loved being able to get away for a couple of days with my family after living away from them for a couple of years. Below are some pictures of what we saw.

We first stopped to see some old ruins. We paid our $10 to get inside and this picture pretty much shows you what we found inside...Not much! It was pretty funny. The kids had fun though.

This is Courtney yelling at me for taking her picture. I took it anyway. She is so cute... right?

We heard all about these caves called the narrows. We didn't got to them, but we did find this one that was about 100 yards long and it was perfect for us with all of the kids.

Here is Molly hanging out in her own little cave.

We found this little river that was only about 4 inches deep. The kids loved chasing the little fish and it was the perfect refreshment on a hot day.

One of my favorite places was the devil's rock garden. It really looked like someone played with playdough on the ground. It was easy to climb all over them. The only bad part was it took a really long time to get there on a really rough road. I think my family thought I was taking them to the end of the earth.

Here I am putting out the vibe...

The next day we went to Bryce Canyon which has to be one of my favorite places on earth. Here I am with the fam.

I have a new hobby. Photography. Here is my first subject....Nathan. This is his Senior Portrait. There is more where this came from.

Here is Hannah and my Sister Stacy at Bryce. Cute....

Thanks family for coming on our little getaway. I hope it wasn't to painful. I really loved it out there and I hope we do something like this again really soon.


Tawna said...

I saw Stacey at Hil's house last month at Vanessa's baby blessing. She looked so good! I didn't even recognize her at first, how rude am I?! I'll take you up on the photography :) I miss you guys! When am I going to get to see the Jake and Hannah Oyler clan?!

Jill Oyler said...

I loved the time spent with family, the pictures, the entire trip, the family togetherness time, the cabin, the little hikes, Bryce Canyon, the drive to Devil's Garden (once we got there), and just hanging out with you all. It is a memory I will treasure forever! Thank you for all your hard work arranging it and making it happen. I love you guys!

The Domestic Goddess in Training said...

Look at all of this blogging! I love it! Great pictures - I love little family get-aways. Nathan is too cute - watch out ladies!

jhjonze said...

Very pretty pictures!

Jami Jackson said...

Hannah, I cannot believe you guys were at the zoo on Thursday! Crazy! I wish we would have run into you. That would have been a blast. Looks like you had fun on this trip. I don't know how you always do your girls hair so cute. It amazes me.

Kelly said...

ooo-visitng my favorite places! Hey, I've emailed Hannah...receiving them?