Thursday, November 05, 2009

Oh What Do You Do In The Summer Time?

Do you go on ward Camp outs?
We Do...and we take little hikes while we are there.

And pose for the camera....

Do You go to the Fair?
We do...and the kids had a blast in the Red Barn..unfortunately my camera died right after this pic so I didn't get anymore of the kids doing all the cute little activities.

Do you make sidewalk chalk art and play outside?
We do. This was very soon after we move here and it was such a fun afternoon.

See how much fun we are all having?

Do you Run Races?
We do...this is Molly's first "track meet". They put it on for the kids here and she had a blast and did so good. She did sprints and hurdles. And she was so excited because she got ribbons and her very own race shirt like Mom and Dad's.




Do you go to Splash Parks?
We mom and sister and her kids came to visit soon after we got settled in. It was so good for me to have them here. We decided to take advantage of what Vernal has to offer and that is a fun little splash park. All the kids had a good time.

Do you go a little crazy sometimes?
We do...

Do you go to parades?
We do...while my mom and sister were here we all went to the parade on the 24th of July...I love parades.

Do you get to see sweet little faces that make you smile?
We do...isn't she adorable.

And this little girl too...see she makes me smile.

This got put in the wrong place, but this was at the splash park and I think the kids loved laying out on these chairs almost as much as they loved playing in the water.

Do you go and see new places?
We do...we visited Fantasy Canyon and loved it... it's a little deceiving at first, but really is cool once you get in there.

Do you play at parks with people you love?
We do...this was an awesome park that we went to with my sister Holly while Jake was working in SLC.

(Oh and yes more running)
My sis-in-law was such a trooper and ran this 5 mile race with me even though she wasn't signed up and if she was she could have won the whole thing. Instead she slowed her pace down a whole lot and stayed way in the back with me the whole time...thanks Mindy.

Do you get a little messy sometimes?
We do...but its worth it.

Do you do amazing Things?
Annie Does. She learned to use the Potty 2 months before she turned 2. We would like to think it's because we are amazing parents, but she just decided she wanted to do it, and then did it.

We had such a fun summer and have been having an awesome Autumn too...(more pics to come soon).
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Jake the Runner and The Fair

So the big day that Jake had been preparing months for finally came and went. Jake decided to train and run the Top of Utah Half Marathon with our brother-in-law Nathan. I was so proud of him. We all went to cheer them on and it was a lot of fun. He did so good. His goal was under 2 hours and he was really nervous about it, since he'd been really busy working the weeks before the race and still needed to cut some minutes off of his miles...but I guess he didn't need to be so worried because he definitely made it in under two hours. He did so awesome! I have been so impressed with his dedication to running. He has been so busy at work these last couple of months he hasn't been able to very much and he actually misses it. Hopefully he can get back to it soon, seems how he is planning on running in a big race next summer.

Here is Jake coming into the finish line. (He's the one on the right:) )

"What are you looking at?" Haha...I don't think he even realized it was us right there at the time.

Two little girls very proud of their Daddy.

Showing off the winning number...well winning in our minds anyways.

Like I said our brother-in-law also ran as well as his that?
Marci, Nathan and Jake

Right after the race and a shower Jake took off to go golfing with his friends, I know crazy huh, I think I would have probably laid down and died instead...but just in case that wasn't enough we also it up the Fair in Tremonton that night with the family. I think a good time was had by all. Molly is quite the daring little girl and begged to go on the roller coaster with her cousin Libbie, and she loved it. You can't actually see Molly, but she her head is poking up in the seat with Libbie in the yellow shirt.

Annie opted to ride the carousal with Mallory and Mia instead...boy she loves those things.

Molly also went on these cars with Libbie, Mallory and Mia. We love living closer to family and being able to go and do things like this with them again.

We had so much fun...I think Jake was exhausted after running his race, golfing and the Fair, but he was a really good sport and even went on a ride with me. Jake I am so proud of you and I can't wait to cheer you on at whatever you decide to do next.