Monday, November 02, 2009

Oyler Birthday Extravaganza!!!

So this year as always started out with Molly Moo's birthday. It was the big 4. It happened to be on the same day as Libby's baptism, so we were able to go and spend the first part of the day with the Oyler side of the family. It was so much fun. Molly decided this year she wanted to have a cowgirl birthday. So we decided that after the baptism we would drive up to Idaho and go to the Famous Preston Night Rodeo. I think she had a fun birthday and she was really cute all day, in fact for two days we celebrated and she was really sweet the whole time. She just keeps growing and getting smarter everyday. She is such a good big sister and such a big helper.  We love you Molly.

Here Mols is eating under the trampoline with her cousins at Libby's lunch.

Here she is with her cupcakes!

Look at those cheeks...

Mals and Mols enjoying the birthday cupcakes.

Molly got to open her presents from her grandparents and cousins while at the Cardon's.

Here is Annie helping out.

Molly with her Grandma Great Oyler and her garden gloves.

Jake and I got to open our gifts from there is Jake so interested in what he got.

Later that day we drove up to Idaho and had a pizza party with a ton of my family. Here Mols is opening more presents with her cousins.

And here is the beloved Jessie doll.

Here we are at the Rodeo with the birthday girl.

Cute Payton and Annie.

Molly with the Rodeo behind her.

Molly really wanted to go on some rides so we took a small break from the Rodeo to hit up a few. Here are Josie and Molly.

The carousal.

Annie...doesn't she look so excited?

Riding on the Roller Coaster.

Continuing the celebration the next day.

One of her cousins blew out her candles before she had a chance...I guess it was her party so she can cry if she wants to.

Getting another chance at the candles.

Opening more fun presents.

Riding Bullseye. A perfect way to end a perfect birthday! Thanks everyone for making it so special for Molly and letting us share it with all of you.

Next up was Jakers. He turned 27...I know he is so old! We took him out to lunch since he had to be at work all he is with the girls.

After he finally got home we ate dinner and let him open his presents. Doesn't he look so excited?

Showing off an awesome shirt:)!

Look, I think he might like it!

Posing with his new toy and his cute girls.

Cheesecake time!

Jake spoiled me this year as always. Here the girls are helping me open my presents.

More help, more presents.

Here we are partying it up with Mindy and her kids!

Here we are another year older and maybe a little wiser? Thanks to everyone for all the gifts and cards and phone calls. We all had great birthdays.


Jill Oyler said...

It looks like a bunch of fun. I loved the pictures of all of you! I do have the most adorable family. Thank you for sharing them with me! I love you guys.


The Daleys said...

How fun! Such cute little girls

ash said...

I'm sad we missed the extravaganza. You guys look great! Molly is such a cute cowgirl and Annie is a doll! Looks like you're enjoying being close to family again!