Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well with November comes our Annual Dinner to begin the Holidays, and it was fun as always and this year we gave the girls pj's for them to wear through all of them.  We were all very excited this year to be closer to family and be able to celebrate with them all. But before all that started we were lucky enough to have Grandma Jill and Grandpa Golfball come to Vernal for a visit. We all love when family comes to visit and the girls can't get enough of their grandparents. We mostly just hung out, but we did venture out to the local Dinosaur Museum. It didn't take us too long to get through it, but I think overall we enjoyed what it did have to offer.

Molly with Grandpa Golfball checking out the fossils.

Annie and Grandma Jill looking at something interesting.

Cute girls.

Molly digging for bones.

Putting all the pieces of the bones together.

Setting up their own dinosaur land.

Us with the very large dino in the back.

Here the girls are posing with the biggest dino's foot in the museum.

Here are the girls and Grandpa having snowball fights.

We were so excited for Thanksgiving this year it was the first year since Cassie and Doug have moved away that they were coming home for Thanksgiving. And since they were going to be here we decided to take the opportunity to go watch the Aggies play some football. We had fun, even if they didn't win:)

Dad and is that Big Blue? Oh wait no that is Tanner.

Cassie and her fam.

Having a blast at the game, just like old days.

While we were in Idaho Molly decided that she wanted to get her hair cut. Here is a before shot....

And and after one. We have loved it, but she looks so old.

Annie wanting to get in on the picture taking fun.

Leisha, Tanner and Jake so excited for Thanksgiving Dinner.

and Annie

and Molly too. 

This year we passed all the food around instead of dishing up and then sitting down, it was fun to all be in the same room rather than spread through out the house. It was so fun to have everybody there, it had been so many years since we had all been home for a holiday together.

Here are Alyssa and Molly playing the part of the Indians at the first Thanksgiving. The kids all came up with a really cute play. I love that My kids are getting old enough to take part in these plays. I remember doing those with my cousins growing up...such good memories.

Annie enjoying the show. I love this pic, she is so darn cute.

And last but not least Annie with her aunt Cassie. I don't know what it is but Annie loves Cassie so much, and has since the day she met her. Maybe its their talent of dancing that they have in common. We are so glad that Cassie and Doug and their kids were able to come, we love when they come to visit. We had so much fun with everyone and hope it won't be so long again before we are all together.


The Domestic Goddess in Training said...

What a fun tradition to act out the first Thanksgiving. Your girls are so so so cute. I love their little boots they have on at the top of your post. Adorable. Pretty cute little grandparents too.

Jill Oyler said...

Thanks for the post - it made my day! I live for these updates!

Slyck and Slim said...

Your girls are so cute, and I am so excited for you that you are having another in July! Do you know what it is yet? I was just talking to someone who works for Savage and they said what a great company it is. Hope it is still going well for you guys.