Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 Part Three

Okay this is my last catch up post. I know picture overload. Next time I post it will be up to date and all about our NEW HOUSE!!! Yes it is official and we are moving in this weekend. Pictures to come. And now moving on...

One weekend when it first started to warm up we decided to head to Flaming Gorge and go on the Dam Tour. It was so beautiful and we all had a lot of fun. We got to feed the fish at the end and it was incredible how many would come eat and how huge they were. We also got to see a yellow bellied marmott. It would come right up to us to eat, but unfortunately we didn't get any pictures. I think we all had enough fun and enjoyed the sights enough that we will be doing this again in the near future.
Mols on the tour.

Annie and I.

After the tour we went to another outlook and had a picnic...notice the snow still on the ground? It was a bit chilly, but we were desperate to get out and do something.

Jake and the girls at a lookout point. It is so beautiful.

The view.

Taking a cinnamon roll break.

Trying to get a family photo.

We are enjoying the nice days any chance we get them. One night we decided to head to the park after FHE. I can't believe how big the girls are and that they can play on the playground all by themselves. 

Cute sisters. Can't wait to have another one.

Molly's preschool let the kids pick a couple of different charities that they wanted to donate to and then had a charity run on a cold Saturday morning. It was cute to see all the kids out there running there little hearts out. They all ran around the course once and then they each got to count out ten dollars and put them into the donation container. Molly loves when she gets to do runs and races like her daddy.

Even though it was chilly Molly still wanted to eat her popcicle. I think Annie was sad she didn't get one. But the funniest thing in this picture is if you look in the background. Do you see the two guys in the black and white striped prison uniforms? Yes don't you just think that is the perfect time to have a bunch of preschoolers running around, while the inmates are cleaning up the area...Jake and I had a good laugh at this...I hope someone else does too.

Later that day we went to the Health Fair because our sister-in-law was helping at a booth and we wanted to check it out. Not too exciting, but we did get free lunch so that was nice. Molly told us she wanted to try this car crash thing...I was totally against it but Jake convinced me she would be fine...well I guess if her head about flying off and a tongue biting are fine then I guess I was wrong...I guess she understand why seatbelts are important now at least.

Molly built this village of castles and took this picture. I think she is pretty creative.

Mother's Day 2010. I am so grateful for these little girls and for the other one on the way. I love being a mom. It may make me a little crazy sometimes...but I would never give it up. Making sure these two and Jake are happy and taken care of is the most important thing to me and I hope they know how much I love them all.

The girls know how much I love playing games with them and Jake and they found the perfect gift...Jenga...we have already played quite a few times and they are actually really good.

Jake spoiled me with a delicious meal. Yummy...I wish I had some of that salmon right now.

We've been wanting to get out and do something in the mountains. But its been so cold, usually on the weekends. Finally a couple weekends ago we decided to try and beat the rain and head up for a quick cook out and hike. We ventured into the woods a bit and then decided we better get a fire going. After finally getting enough dry wood and a small fire going we cooked our hotdogs. It started to sprinkle so we hurried to cook some marshmallows for smores. By the time we were finishing eating our smores there was a whole lot of thunder, lightning and sleet. So our little adventure was cut short due to the weather but I think we all had a really good time.

I love this picture of Annie...she is covered in smore, sleet and trying to pretend she is still happy, with that fake smile of hers.

This past Saturday Molly graduated from her second year of preschool. I can't believe she is going to kindergarten next year. Where did the time go? She was so excited to have Grandma Lynda and Aunt Holly be there. I will have to have Jake put up some video of her singing some of the cute songs they learned this year, I haven't a clue how to do that. I am sad I didn't get any pictures of her with us or her Grandma and aunt. Our Camera died part way through the program. We are so grateful for their effort to be there and were so glad for the short time we were able to spend with them. So now onto summer. We are looking forward to moving into our house, the Leadership Conference that Jake and I get to attend each summer in (San Antonio this year), and our baby girl's arrival. We also hope to get to go camping, play outside a lot, hang out with our families and enjoy our time with Molly before she grows up even more on us. So if any of you are looking for an awesome vacation destination...I know the place...Vernal...its like a dream.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

2010 Part Two

And the story continues. Beginning with a visit from the Cardon's in March. We love visitors and Molly & Annie love being with their cousins. They were fortunate enough to get the full Vernal experience.

It started out with some awesome castle building with blocks.

Can you see Mia's mad castle building skills?
We then hit up the bowling alley. Annie and Claire were great partners.
Ohhhh....the fun and excitement is oooozzzzing out of Libbie and Mia.
Do you see that crusty on Molly's face...she gets that from her Mom (love you Honey!).
Sunday came and it was time to show off the cuteness of the girls in the dresses Grandma Jill hooked them up with. Annie is looking marvelous!
Do you see all of these beautiful girls? Lucky for us, it was also during Stacy's visit she got the call she was accepted to adopt a baby finally, we were able to add some manhood to this lot. Not that we don't love girls..."Girls are Great..." as they always say, and I mean it.
They can also be a little crazy....
Our Annie has turned into quite the artist. Pretty detailed person for a 2.5 year old. Am I right?
Just a cute picture of Annie.
St. Patrick's day is always a fun day in our house. Green food galore. Also, this year, Hannah made some nice traditional Irish food such as Irish Soda Bread. I think it's traditional. It has the word Irish in it...

Notice the green leprechaun foot steps. Those little guys are naughty and they always make a mess.
Then BAM!!!! Just like that, it was Easter. We headed up North to visit the family in Dayton and Tremonton. Here we are making some crazy eggs.
Here is the final product....probably the funnest eggs I have ever made. Crazy hair...eyes...legs...and hands...

Here is Annie at one of a few Easter egg hunts she had that weekend. It was cold Saturday morning so we were lame and had an indoor Easter Egg hunt.

We then made it to Grandma Jill's. Yep, the Easter bunny even found them in Tremonton.
Easter Egg Hunt Part 2. Aunt Stacy did a bang up job here....Money, cool animals....lots of Candy.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun with family over the past couple of months. We can't get enough of those cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.