Thursday, May 06, 2010

Christmas 2009...sheesh that was a long time ago.

We had an awesome Christmas season this year! We really wanted it to be fun for the girls, because they are at such fun ages and were really into celebrating every moment we could. We loved being closer to our families and being able to go to family parties, have Hannah's parents come for Christmas Eve and Day, and we loved being able to have SNOW...the girls loved it and it was so beautiful....for a couple months...not so wonderful in April...May...who knows maybe June? Anyways lots of pictures but here is what we did all December.

It all started on the 1st with getting the Christmas tree. Yes we still get real ones and we love it!

The girls admiring the tree. We had to do things a little different this year with Jake's work schedule, so the girls and I had a good time decorating the tree, but I didn't get any pictures and we missed Jake's help...we will definately wait next year.

Our ward had a morning Christmas party...which we thought was great. Breakfast, a Christmas story, A visit from Santa and home we went with the rest of the day still ahead of us. This is the second year for Annie to sit on Santa's lap...I guess she still didn't love it this time around either. (If you forgot last years its worth checking out in the archives...pretty funny.)

"He did give me some candy...maybe he isn't that bad....maybe."

Two super cute Christmas girlies.

The girls and I tagged along with Jake on a work trip to SLC and took advantage of the opportunity to take our girls and show them the lights at Temple Square. It was freezing cold but, they loved it, we all did. It was so fun to be able to share something that we have loved doing with one another since before we were married, with our kids.

We were able to go to Jake's work Christmas party too. We had some of the most delicious dutch oven that I still dream about (we can blame that on being prego) and we got to see all the management dress up and hand out gifts...totally the highlight. Jake is the elf on the bottom right.

We were in charge of the Smith Family Party this year. We thought since mom works so hard every year to make sure her house is clean and everyone has a place to stay and so on that it would be fun to have it at a cabin somewhere in the middle of Pocatello and Vernal, so we could all just enjoy being together without the stress. We were so excited to be with our family this year, so to us it was perfect.

Annie chilling with her cousin Aubrey whom she adores.

Mols so cute.

We just think this pic is so funny..Molly found this thing at the cabin and loved sitting in it.

Christmas these girls so much.

We made a homemade gingerbread was so much fun and the girls loved every minute of it...and sneaking the candy too.

The finished product.

Dinner on Christmas Eve with Grandma and Grandpa Smith. It was so much to have fun them come and share the holiday with us.

Annual family Christmas picture.

One with Grandma and Grandpa too.

Opening Christmas pjs.

I loved that when Annie got her pjs opened after struggling for a bit...she seriously jumped up and down and said..."my very own pajamas". Poor girl so used to hand-me-downs. Trust me Annie I know exactly how you feel I had 4 older sisters....

Grandpa was excited too!

Jumping for joy....Christmas was finally almost here after such a long time of waiting.

Grandma reading The Night Before Christmas...before heading to bed.

Christmas morning...Molly with her baby Lily...she wanted a baby that really does something...well I think peeing and pooping is considered really doing something.

Annie with baby Lindsey...she knew right away what she was going to name her.

Grandma and Grandpa get presents too!

I love this picture...never having snow before they were content just playing like they were sledding in the house.

But we still took them outside to our awesome sledding hill! They loved it.

The day after Christmas we headed to Tremonton to spend some time with the Oyler family. We opened up presents...unfortunately we didn't get many pics of our time with them, but we had a lot of fun with all of them and were glad we were able to see them. Lucky for you I did get this picture of Jake with his new coat though...isn't he handsome?

While in Tremonton we were able to get together with Jake's Best Friends and their families. It was so great to see all of you, we definately should not wait so long until we get together again.

While visiting poor little Annie got the stomach flu, so by the time we made it to Grandma Lynda and Grandpa Lauritz's she was so sick and tired. We had to tell everyone else to not come see us, and I am pretty sure Annie and I slept the majority of the time there...I am not sure what Jake and Molly did, but we were glad to see them even if we weren't so much fun and we had to cut our time there short.

We are just so grateful that we were able to do so many wonderful and fun things with our girls and to make new and continue old traditions. It was so much fun to teach our children the true meaning of the season as well and see how they took it to heart and talked about it often. We felt so blessed to be closer to our families. We missed them all so much while we were living so far away...and its amazing to see our girls relationships with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins grow and be strengthened each time they see them. I look forward to many more amazing and truly wonderful Christmas's to come.


Mindy said...

We wait forever and ever, and this is all we get? ;)

Mosers said...

You posted a Christmas tree in May? Well, we had snow this morning so I guess it fits the weather! ;) Miss ya!

Stacy said...

Thanks for sharing. It was fun to see your Christmas.

The Pingels said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun. I like getting ideas for stuff to do with my kids next christmas. Other peoples' traditions are so much fun!

Whitney Harris said...

We also went to the lights and it was freezing cold. Every year we go and every year I wonder why we go since there are less lights than the year before and it's so cold.
I love how Annie was so excited for her own pj's, sad but cute.
Love the pink gingerbread house.
Glad you had a great Christmas (it seems wrong to say that in may).

Wendy said...

Well, Merry Christmas.