Friday, July 30, 2010

Our lives right now....

So we are in our second week of life with Junie and we couldn't ask for it to be any better. My mom came and stayed from the 20th until yesterday the 29th. I don't know what we would have done without her here. She spoiled the older girls, cleaned our house, did our laundry, made sure we had food to eat and so much more. Thank you so much mom. The girls are still loving her so much and beg to hold her all of the time. I don't think any of us can get enough of her.

Here she is on Monday.

One week old. I can't believe how much she has already changed...I forget how fast they grow.

I know this picture is fuzzy but I love seeing Jake with his girls and just hanging out with our babies.

Jake's work had this waiting for him at work. We have been spoiled. Our new ward that we don't even know anyone in really has been so good to us, bring in meals, and dropping off gifts and calling to make sure we are doing well. We appreciate everything that everyone has done for us, and hope that we can remember to be as kind and generous when others are in need as well.

Just being cute.

A close up. All the nurses and the dr at my appointment couldn't stop talking about how beautiful she was and how she has such perfect features...we really do make beautiful babies.

We were lucky enough to have Holly, Cassie and her kids come out for a couple of days. Cassie is only in town for a week and we are so glad they took time in their busy schedule to come see us. Cassie was so kind to throw Molly a little party early so they could be there with her. Cassie and Hayden played games with Mols and Annie, she told them stories and then we had a doughnut cake. Molly was in heaven. She talks about her birthday year round and loves the attention.

Showing off the LPS from Cassie, Hayden and Alyssa

Showing off her new cute outfit for school from Grandma Lynda.

Our girls sure love their cousins. And Hayden and Alyssa are so good and patient with them. Thanks for coming you guys.

We had to get a picture together as sisters...we sure missed Melissa during these couple of wasn't the same without her.

My babies love Cassie even if they don't get to see her often...and I think its safe to say that Cassie loves them too.

Grandma Lynda and June Lydia. We all love and miss you already.

Mom and the girls.

June Lydia on her due date. I am so glad we had already had her for a week and two days...I can't imagine our lives without her...she has already brought so much joy into our lives.

We decided to get out this morning and let the girls have a little fun. We headed to the fair and had to him up The Little Red Barn again this year. We love this and they have been looking forward to it. Here they are planting their seeds.

And here they are riding on their tractors.

We had a nice time. We are lucky to have Aunt Holly and Grandma Jill staying with us right now. They have already been a big help and the girls love having someone to play with and pick them up and help them while I am unable to. We are going to miss everyone when they are gone. But for now we will try to soak up every minute we have with them. Well until next time...we are heading into Oyler Birthday Extravaganza I am sure we will have lots to share soon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Pictures of June Lydia Oyler

It's been a good couple of days. We had so much fun introducing Molly and Annie to Junie. It's hard to imagine two sisters loving another little girl so much. I think Molly said it best when she said, "Mom, no offense, but I think I live the baby the most." or when she said, "oh, I can't stand it, she is to cute." Annie blesses the baby every night. Oh, if we can only remember these days for the days when they are fighting over clothes and make-up.

Here I am with my 3 sweet girls. It doesn't get any better than this. 
Do you see how in love she is with her. Annie was funny yesterday when she came to the hospital and said, "Oh, I didn't know we still had the baby."
This is Molly's face every time she looks at June. 

First family picture. Not exactly the best picture of Annie, but you get the idea. 
Who does she look like...Annie or Molly. A mix of both...We still can't figure it out. 
Here are all three girls with their grandma. This picture of Annie is priceless. Can you see how her world has been tuned upside down? Don't get me wrong, she loves June, but just doesn't quite get it all.
They did let Hannah go home today which has been excellent (1 day shorter than any other delivery). It is so good to be home with our babies. Thanks again for all of the sweet messages sent. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby Oyler is Here!

Baby Oyler is Here. Yes, we still don't have a name.
It was a long day. We went in at 9:00 am, and with a C-Section we thought she would be here 10:00. But, they kept pushing us back so she wasn't born until 4:38pm.

Hannah did really well today, and the baby looks perfect and beautiful. She weighs 6 lbs, 9oz. More pictures to come!

Monday, July 19, 2010

New House...New Car...New Baby

There have been a lot of changes around our family lately and we would love to introduce you to each of them. First, our new home. We have been in Vernal a little over a year now, and came at a time when home prices were outrageous. I moved Hannah into an apartment and told her it would only be a 3 months. Well, after 1 year, we finally found OUR house.

I say "OUR" house, because we know it was destiny (at least, that is what we tell ourselves). First, I think we looked at every house in Vernal, and after months of discouragement we finally found this lovely house. We actually first saw this house last fall when it was $50,000 out of our price range, but was delighted to see they had dramatically dropped the price.

We called our Relator and she told us it was a Short Sale and there were already 2 other offers on the home. Hannah refused to consider a short sale, but on this occasion she said, I have to see that house. Well, long story short, many things fail into place and the house became ours at the end of, "Welcome to our home!"
Here is Short of the front door. The previous owners were a little vinyl letter happy, and some of them have been removed, but we like the welcome.
Here is a Shot of the front. A few of our favorite features is the character of the front. It's not your typical home front, especially for Vernal, and the Yard was already done. Yeah for sprinkling systems.
Here is the kitchen. It also opens up into the living room, but you can't see that in this picture. Hannah is a huge fan of the island. It has been really nice. Overall, we have loved having a bigger kitchen again.
Just another shot of the kitchen. The door you are looking at leads out to the garage. Oh, a garage, no more hauling groceries up a flight of stairs or taking the kids out in -20 degree weather.
Here is the living room and fireplace. A fireplace wasn't a must, but it's nice. Also, notice the hutch. Hannah decided we needed some color and painted it. I think it looks nice, and it really does brighten up the room.
As you can see, the living room opens up to the second story, and the stone fire place goes all the way to the top. This is where we practice our rock climbing...Just kidding. I do have a feeling that my Christmas loving wife may get the tree of her dreams some day.
Opposite angle of the living room showing the entrance to the master, the downstairs and the 1/2 bath.
Here is the Master Bedroom. There are no rooms above us, so we enjoy the vaulted ceilings.
The one thing we were looking for is an extra room. A place for the kids to put their toys, go and play, make a mess, and not be in the main living area. We seriously didn't find it until this house. This is the bonus room above the garage and WE LOVE IT.
I don't know how well you can see this, but when you go upstairs, there is an open walkway that takes you to the bonus room and one of the two kids' rooms upstairs. This is the view over the walkway looking down into the basement.
New number 2. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have been looking forward to this day for someday. I have been looking forward to the day we would get a minivan for some time. Hannah resisted, but finally...she was one over. It's convenient, and spacious, and easy to get the kids in and out. I think once she saw the Swagga Wagon commercials she realized she could still be hip in the mini!
And #3. Tomorrow morning, July 20th, Hannah goes in to deliver our 3rd baby girl. We are scheduled for a 9:00 appointment, so she will hopefully be here by noon. We are so excited to welcome her to this world and see her beautiful face. As soon as we get the chance we will post pictures. Below are pictures of Hannah's progress over the past 10 months.
February: 18 weeks
Mother's Day: 7 months
July: Full Term

Everyday is a new adventure for us. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for everyone's help and support over the last few months. We couldn't do it without you. See you tomorrow!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sunshine and Fun...

Well now that summer is half way over I thought I'd post. We have had a crazy busy summer so far . We have done something every weekend and keep ourselves busy every day until late in the nights. Our girls barely know what decent bedtimes are anymore and as for naps well those are something of the past. But even though we are all busy we are all happy and doing well. We finally bought and moved into a house over Memorial Day weekend. (Pictures of the new house soon to follow). We love having our own home again and more room. We do miss our little park we had right out our door, here is a pic of Jake and the girls taking advantage of it one last time.

Saying goodbye to our apartment. (ours is on the second floor)

After spending all day on Memorial Day cleaning our apartment we decided to head to a park to cook hamburgers and play. The girls had fun loading up these spinning seats with wood chips and then letting them fly. Oh the simple joys in life.

The first weekend in June we had the chance to go to a family reunion with my mom's family. Its things like this that we missed while living away and seeing our girls play with their cousins and to be able to spend time with our grandparents makes us even more glad to be close again. This is the only picture I really got but it was a whole lot of fun for all of us.

After the reunion we met up with Tanner and Leisha and Holly and Adam for dinner and then crashed at Holly and Adam's house for the night. Its always a good time with them and it was fun to compare tummies with Leisha who is due 6 weeks after me. Not the best pics of me but we sure had fun taking pics and you get to see cute prego Leisha.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Jake's had the opportunity to play a little golf this summer finally and let us tag along one night while he hit a bucket of balls. The girls were begging to hit some balls too so being the great dad he is, Jake let them take a few swings and they loved every minute of it.

Jake and I headed to San Antonio for his company's annual Leadership Conference this year. It was a lot of fun. We stayed at a really nice Resort, we ate a ton of delicious food, played Amazing Race, did a service project, had our fill in Bluebell Ice Cream, had a couple of private shows at SeaWorld and had a chance to reminisce about the things we loved about Texas. The girls were able to stay with Grandma Lynda and had a fabulous time. (As soon as I get pictures from their stay I will post them).
One night during dinner they had Armadillo races going on. They sure are ugly little things.

Here we are right before the Shamu show

Heading back went by too fast, but we sure were excited to see our cute girls.

We were lucky enough to have Stacy and Nathan and their kids come for a visit as our first house guests in the new place. We had so much fun with them and are so glad they took the time to come see us. Our girls love to play and get along so well, Stacy and Nathan are always kind enough to indulge in our need to play the "bean game" and we were able to hold and snuggle adorable Jaren. We decided to take them to Flaming Gorge and let them experience the Great Dam Tour. I think fun was had by all.

Look at all these cute girls. We were asked numerous times if they were all ours while Stacy and Nathan were out in their van...I can't imagine...six girls, but they sure are cute.

We decided to cook tin foil dinners after and had a good time visiting and walking to the overlooks while they cooked.

Silly girls.

Since we had just got back from Texas and were visiting my parents on Father's Day we didn't feel like we had a chance to really show Jake how much we love and appreciate him so we celebrated again the next Sunday. We tried to spoil him with his favorite foods and give him lots of loves. Here he his with his girls that love him more than anything else. He really is the best daddy.

Molly has been riding a tricycle that is way too small for her for way too long. We finally got her a big girl bike and she is loving it. Annie is also very happy about the whole thing because now she gets to ride the tricycle and loves to cruise along behind Molly everywhere.

We decided we really wanted to do something fun over the 4th of July weekend. And since we didn't feel we could make the 10 hour drive to the family reunion with me being 36 weeks pregnant we decided to head to SLC for the weekend and do some fun things with the girls before our lives all change again in a couple weeks. We had so much fun and are so glad we went.

We went to Toy Story 3 in 3D and here are the girls wearing their glasses on our way to eat lunch at Red Robin.

Then we headed to Temple Square because Molly wanted to see what it looked like with all of the flowers. It was so pretty and we were able to see the new display of the Temple in the visitors center.
I love these girls so much.

We also went on the tour of the roof gardens on top of the Conference Center. It was a first for all of us and was very beautiful.

After Temple Square we headed to Gateway and let the kids play in the fountains for a bit and then headed back to the hotel to swim in the pool. I think that was the funnest part of the whole trip for the girls. They beg to go swimming everyday and haven't had a chance once this summer until now. They had so much fun that Annie was even heard to say "isn't this so wonderful?" while splashing in the pool.

The next day we headed to Hogle Zoon and it was the most perfect weather. The girls love going to the zoo and couldn't wait to see every single animal. Molly kept looking at the map to make sure we covered every area of the zoo and didn't miss anything. Here they are in their cute 4th of July dresses. Every year I say I am going to get them something cute to wear...and this year I actually did it.

Oh how she makes me laugh.

I love this sweet girl.

And isn't he hot? 

We have a ton of prairie dogs around our house so the girls thought this was lots of fun to get to be prairie dogs themselves.

Well I know it was a lot to take in all at once, but with pictures of the house coming soon and wanting to be all caught up so we can post as soon as our baby girl is born it had to be done. We are getting really excited to meet this new little one on July 20th. The girls are counting down the if we can just think of a name to give her that would be great...oh well, details... right? Well until next time.