Monday, July 19, 2010

New House...New Car...New Baby

There have been a lot of changes around our family lately and we would love to introduce you to each of them. First, our new home. We have been in Vernal a little over a year now, and came at a time when home prices were outrageous. I moved Hannah into an apartment and told her it would only be a 3 months. Well, after 1 year, we finally found OUR house.

I say "OUR" house, because we know it was destiny (at least, that is what we tell ourselves). First, I think we looked at every house in Vernal, and after months of discouragement we finally found this lovely house. We actually first saw this house last fall when it was $50,000 out of our price range, but was delighted to see they had dramatically dropped the price.

We called our Relator and she told us it was a Short Sale and there were already 2 other offers on the home. Hannah refused to consider a short sale, but on this occasion she said, I have to see that house. Well, long story short, many things fail into place and the house became ours at the end of, "Welcome to our home!"
Here is Short of the front door. The previous owners were a little vinyl letter happy, and some of them have been removed, but we like the welcome.
Here is a Shot of the front. A few of our favorite features is the character of the front. It's not your typical home front, especially for Vernal, and the Yard was already done. Yeah for sprinkling systems.
Here is the kitchen. It also opens up into the living room, but you can't see that in this picture. Hannah is a huge fan of the island. It has been really nice. Overall, we have loved having a bigger kitchen again.
Just another shot of the kitchen. The door you are looking at leads out to the garage. Oh, a garage, no more hauling groceries up a flight of stairs or taking the kids out in -20 degree weather.
Here is the living room and fireplace. A fireplace wasn't a must, but it's nice. Also, notice the hutch. Hannah decided we needed some color and painted it. I think it looks nice, and it really does brighten up the room.
As you can see, the living room opens up to the second story, and the stone fire place goes all the way to the top. This is where we practice our rock climbing...Just kidding. I do have a feeling that my Christmas loving wife may get the tree of her dreams some day.
Opposite angle of the living room showing the entrance to the master, the downstairs and the 1/2 bath.
Here is the Master Bedroom. There are no rooms above us, so we enjoy the vaulted ceilings.
The one thing we were looking for is an extra room. A place for the kids to put their toys, go and play, make a mess, and not be in the main living area. We seriously didn't find it until this house. This is the bonus room above the garage and WE LOVE IT.
I don't know how well you can see this, but when you go upstairs, there is an open walkway that takes you to the bonus room and one of the two kids' rooms upstairs. This is the view over the walkway looking down into the basement.
New number 2. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have been looking forward to this day for someday. I have been looking forward to the day we would get a minivan for some time. Hannah resisted, but finally...she was one over. It's convenient, and spacious, and easy to get the kids in and out. I think once she saw the Swagga Wagon commercials she realized she could still be hip in the mini!
And #3. Tomorrow morning, July 20th, Hannah goes in to deliver our 3rd baby girl. We are scheduled for a 9:00 appointment, so she will hopefully be here by noon. We are so excited to welcome her to this world and see her beautiful face. As soon as we get the chance we will post pictures. Below are pictures of Hannah's progress over the past 10 months.
February: 18 weeks
Mother's Day: 7 months
July: Full Term

Everyday is a new adventure for us. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for everyone's help and support over the last few months. We couldn't do it without you. See you tomorrow!


Mindy said...

You have some great new stuff! :) (And I'm pretty sure new girl #3 will be the cutest of the bunch! )

jhjonze said...

Oh man. Lots of congratulations. I can't wait to see what your new one looks like, you guys make beautiful girls.

The Domestic Goddess in Training said...

Your home looks marvelous and way to join the rest of us in mini van land! :) Good luck today Hannah! I hope everything goes perfectly and we're excited to see this new beautiful little girl in a post soon! - no procrastinating this one folks! :)

The Pingels said...

You guys found a great home. That bonus room with come in handy when Molly and her husband have to move in with you someday. (I just say that cause thats where we lived at my parents house and the room looked exactly like your bonus room). Enjoy your new house and new baby!

Jill Oyler said...

I like your mini van - it looks like it has class! I also loved seeing pictures of the house. It looks like a lovely home to raise a family. And, Hannah looks great. I never would have let anyone take a picture of me at 9 months, of course I looked like a beached whale and Hannah looks like she just put a basketball in her shirt. Thanks for taking the time to share. I love you guys!

The Daleys said...

Your house is so nice, I love it!!

Whitney Harris said...

Love love the house, the van, the new baby. Wow you all are so blessed, glad things are going well. Thanks for posting pics.