Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Day of School...and the rest of our lives.

Yes this day really came. I knew it was coming, I just didn't want to believe it. Molly started kindergarten on the 1st of September. I have been dreading this day for so many different reasons. But this little girl has been counting down the days until she was able to go to school since....well forever. She was so excited...not even nervous a little bit. Seeing her so excited made it harder for me to be sad...but I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed a couple of tears.

See the excitement in that cute little face?

Here she is in front of her school...I can't believe my baby girl is big enough to go to school.

By the time I took this picture of her sitting at her desk, she was ready for us to all leave, but I talked her into giving me one more smile. And you know what? She loves it...everyday she comes home happy.

The night before Molly started school we decided to take her out to dinner and let her pick the to McDonalds we headed. She is telling her Daddy just how excited she is to go to school.

Annie and Molly

Jake and June enjoying all the fun too.

 I had to put this picture on because Molly going to school has been so good for these two girls. They miss each other so much during the day that when Molly gets home, they are best buddies and get along so much better than they have recently. Annie didn't know what to do with herself for the first couple of days...I think now she is realizing she can play whatever she wants while Molly is gone and is really starting to enjoy it. She has been such a big help with June too.

And yes one more picture for your pleasure. This sweet baby girl has started to smile at us alot. Unfortunately as soon as the camera comes out she stops...I almost caught this one...but she is still cute no matter what.We sure love this little June bug.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Well I seriously can't believe that August has already come and gone. It was a fun and crazy month. We were and are still getting used to having a baby in our lives again. At the beginning of the month Jake had to work in SLC and it was the same weekend I had a cousin getting married so we decided to make it our first little road trip with Junie. We got to see lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins on both sides of the family. It was lots of fun.  We were also able to take June to meet her Great Grandma and Grandpa Jarvis. Here is Grandma Great meeting Junie for the first time. I love this picture and I feel so blessed that our kids have had so many of their great grandparents in their lives.

June bug at 4 weeks. She loves to hold her binky in all the time.

I had plans to get a cute picture of her on her month mark...I forgot until late that night so this is what I got...June 1 month old.

We headed to Tremonton for Jake's 10 year class reuinon. Jake was able to go golfing with his friends, we stayed with Grandma Jill, and we met up with some of our friends that were in town for lunch. It was so fun, we all used to play on a softball team together when we were first married, if was fun to see how now we had seven kids between the 3 couples that were there. Its amazing what changes in five years.

Since we hadn't seen Melissa and her kids all summer I decided to stay at my mom's for the week before Molly started school and we have to stay home from now on. Jake headed back home to work and we missed him so much. It was fun to show Junie off to more family. She met the rest of her Aunts and Uncles and cousins on my side as well as my Dad. Haylee could not get enough of Junie. She kept begging to hold her and loved it when she got to. As you can see below.

I also have to note what Payton said about June. He told us she smelled like Lime pie and that she had little T-rex arms ( he loves dinosaurs). So cute and made us all laugh.

We mostly just hung out at my mom's house but one day Melissa and I got adventurous and decided to take the kids to Willow Park. I think we all had lots of fun. We had a picnic and then went to see all the animals. The kids loved it.

Look at all those girls. Poor Payton...but he's such a good sport about it.



I have been so bad at remembering to get pictures of June with all of the important people in her life. But I did remember to snap one of Grandpa Lauritz and her.

Jake came back the next weekend and we headed back to Tremonton for the weekend. We went and watched Stacy and Nathan finish their half marathon in Logan Saturday morning, went to lunch and did some shopping. Then we all headed to the Fair that night.
The girls and the sheep.

Their favorite part of the night...rides.

I finally remembered to get some pictures of June and her cousin Jaren. They are about 4 1/2 months apart. Both so cute!

I love this picture.

We have already had a busy September so hopefully I will get all caught up soon. We are all doing well and loving life.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza Week!

Well that time of year has come and gone know the time of year that it is a party at our house for at least a week straight! And this year did not disappoint. It all started on the day before Molly's birthday. She has been talking about her Pinkalicious Party since her birthday last year. It wasn't as awesome as I had envisioned in my head...but having a baby only the week before kind of changed our plans. But it did turn out great, and Molly loved it all. If you have never read Pinkalicious you need to its one of our girls' favorite books. She decided to have everyone wear pink, eat lots of pink food and then some green food to counteract with the pink food. (its all part of the book). We made pink wands like in the book, (with lots of help from Holly) and we played stick the cherry on the cupcake. After opening gifts we ate pink cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles and a cherry on top...just like the book. Yes Molly made sure we did things like the book did. Thanks to Jake, Holly, Aubrey and Grandma Jill for helping pull it all together. And a big thanks to Grandma Lynda for sewing Molly's birthday skirt and shirt. It turned out just as I imagined it would.

All set up for the Pinkalicious Party!

I thought the cupcakes turned out so cute.

The Birthday girl herself.

All dressed up and ready to party.

Eating their balanced meal of pink and green foods...along with star shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Annie so excited to celebrate with Molly.

Making wands...they all got to design their own.

Cute girl...can you tell she is loving every minute?

The whole group with their finished wands.

Playing stick the cherry on the cupcake.

Present time.

This is Annie and her friend Lucy...she loves her. Poor Annie was starting to get the flu right at this moment...can you tell?

Cupcake time.

Molly's real birthday was on Sunday... she knew what dress she was going to wear for weeks before.
(Look at sad little Annie in the back...she was so sick and had to miss church)

More spoiling. Thanks Cardons.

Spoiled... Thanks Cassie and kids, Holly, Brandon and Mindy and family, Grandma and Grandpa Smith, Grandma and Grandpa Oyler and friends.

As you can see she loved her Birthday outfit so much that she asked me to wash it and let her wear it on Sunday too. I think it turned out so cute. Do you think she likes her birthday or what.

We were lucky enough to get Jake to stay home with us on his birthday. We played lots of wii and hung out. And because he is such a great daddy, he let us take the girls to the splash park, something they had been wanting to do all summer. Not only did we go, but Jake played in the water with them the whole time. We also had a picnic there. It was lots of fun.

I felt bad that I wasn't feeling well enough yet to spoil Jake as much as I would have liked to. But we did have a really nice day. That night we went out to dinner at Don Pedros..yum.
Here is the birthday boy and Annie Pie.

This is how happy we were that we got to spend Jake's day with him.

June was pretty excited too.

We topped off the night by trying out the new ice cream joint here, Farrs Fresh. We all liked it alot and will be heading back again. Jake and Mols. Seriously aren't I married to the most handsome man alive. He is such a great man too. I mean even though it was his birthday he was so thoughtful all day ( just like every other day) and did things for us all day. He is the best.

Annie loving her some ice cream.

Jake and his girlies. I wish I could have bought Jake everything he wanted, but since I can't I hope he knows how much I love him anyways. He did get the Mario Galaxy 2 game for the wii...and even though I have no idea how to play it with him, I love that he has something he enjoys doing to relax and that I can sit next to him while he is doing it.

HANNAH DEE old...but not as old as Jake...haha.
Okay seriously I was so spoiled this year...just like every year. I had told Jake on his birthday that I knew what I wanted...I just wanted him to stay home on my birthday too so I could be with him. (mind you we had family here all the way until the day before his birthday and Jake had been crazy busy at work since the day we had June.) so that was the best thing I could think of was to spend the day with him and the girls. Jake told me he was sorry but that he had to go to work. So on my birthday he got up, kissed me good bye and left for work. I was kind of bummed but decided to try and make the most of the day. The girls and I got up and ate breakfast and were just hanging out when the front door opened and in walks Jake with bags of groceries. He totally surprised me. He got up and made it look like he was off to work when really he had gone out and bought food for dinner. He is the best I tell ya. We just hung out all day together at home, which is a very rare thing. It was so nice. That night he made me the best dinner, steak, red potatoes, jello salad AND homemade rolls. It was all so delicious and perfect. I love him so much. The girls were so good that whole day too and so sweet to give me lots of hugs and really was a perfect day. I was so glad Jake gave me exactly what I wanted. But thats not all...I really thought that was my gift because it was what I had asked for and I know it was a big deal for Jake to take off work but then he told me he had my presents still. I couldn't believe it. And boy did he shock me. He not only got me a tetris wii game ( I love tetris) but he bought me golf clubs!!!!! I was so excited and can't wait until we get to go use them. I am really hoping that we will be able to go golfing a lot together over the next years of our lives. Jake D Oyler I love you and thank you for giving me the best birthday ever. I love you and I love our sweet girls. I love our life.

We are anxiously awaiting Annie's birthday now, she talks about it often. We have had a busy month since. We have gone to Orem to see family, Jake's 10 year Reunion, the girls and I spent a week in Dayton, Jake worked hard everyday, June hit her month mark and has moved onto 6 weeks, we hit up the Fair in Tremonton and Molly has started kindergarten. We have pictures coming soon. I can't believe how fast our summer passed us by. Well until then....