Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth!

The second week in December we were lucky enough to take a real family vacation and head to California. Stacy and Nathan (Jake's sister and her husband) were kind enough to invite us to tag along, and I am so grateful for them giving us that opportunity. We went to Disneyland, California Adventure and the beach. It was so much fun...this was my very first time going to the Happy place  as well as the girls and it was everything we could have imagined and it was all decked out for double bonus...we love Christmas, just in case you didn't know that. The girls loved it and were very brave, willing to ride any of the rides that they were able to. They loved seeing the princesses and Disney Characters. I think it was especially fun for them having their cousins there. We all had so much fun and the weather was beautiful...a nice break from the Utah winter. I don't think a day goes by that Molly and Annie don't say something about Disneyland, that is how much they loved it. I am sure we will be heading back just as soon as we are able to. I know June won't remember a thing, but we have the pictures to prove she was there, and that she was a great baby, she did so well on the drive and while we toted her around everywhere. And thank you Jake for helping check off another thing on my to-do list. You are the best! Well on to the photos...sorry about the overload but it was just so much fun.

Entering Disneyland for the first time....

Buzz light year (1st round)

Finding Nemo

The famous castle...which was cool but way smaller than we had imagined.

Annie and Claire waiting to see the princesses.

Junie excited!




Snow White

and Cinderella.
 I think this was one of our girls favorite things...they sure love the princesses.

Crazy girls.

We stayed in a condo in Newport Beach so of course we headed to the beach one day and it was the best! It was our girls first time to the beach and they loved every second of it, even playing in the cold water. They all played so well and never once said they were bored and smiled the entire time. It was wonderful

All the cousins.
Libbie, June, Mia, Molly, Annie, Jaren, Mallory, and Claire

California day. No crowds, perfect weather, lots of fun rides and good company.

Love him...

Mia and Mols

Bugs Life 3D

Us and the Mouse Himself

Muppets 3D (we loved the 3D shows)

I wasn't here when this pic was taken but it makes me laugh every time I see it. I think they were tired of waiting or something.

Stacy took this picture of the girls while waiting for Jake and I to go on Tower of Terror

More of our friends...

These two were pretty cute little friends...Jake and I were able to take them on The Matterhorn and it was so funny...something I hope I never forget.

The only reason this is on here is because I think Jake is such a good sport about letting me put embarrassing pics on here is one I am not so fond of...but let me just say if I get my hands on the picture of Jake and the beach I might just have to add it too.

The girlys were pretty excited to be able to see Santa at Disneyland...what could be better?
Annie Pie

Molly Moo

Junie Bug's first time

All of our cuties

Waiting in line for the Toy Story ride...we didn't realize this ride was here, so when we happened upon it we were excited...definately one we are anxious to do again when we go back someday.

It's a small world... it was pretty incredible at night all lit up with Christmas lights...and even though its a slow ride the girls and I really enjoyed it.

Had to get a picture here.

The whole group.

Tarzan's tree house

The Tea Cups

We tried to get a group photo...but you can't really see Mals and Annie...

We had to hit up Buzz Light Year again before we left...Jake dominated at this...I wish I had a picture of all of our scores...he blew us all out of there.

We decided to drive to Vegas on our way home and get a head start for the next day...the girls thought staying in Excalibur was pretty cool, but when we tried to go out and walk around, we realized, although we were able to have some good object lessons with our children...not so fun.

This trip will always be something we will remember and treasure. We had so much fun. The girls were so good and fun to watch as they took it all in. Thanks again Stacy and Nathan for the invite, we owe you.