Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hair, Green Eggs and Ham, Naughty Little Leprechauns and so much more...

March was a very busy but very good month. One weekend Jake and I did our Mommy/daughter and Daddy/Daughter dates with the girls. Jake and Annie went to McDonald's and to wash the truck and we also met up and bought Annie a big girl bed finally. Molly and I headed to Pizza Hut to redeem two of her reading certificates and then off to get her hair cut. She has been begging for months and I finally let her get it cut to her shoulders but it still wasn't short enough for her...sorry we need to be able to do pigtails. 

Here she is before with her long hair...I didn't actually get any after pics, I forgot, but you might be able to tell in some of the other pictures.

At Pizza Hut excited for our pizza's.

I decided to surprise the girls on Dr. Seuss's birthday and have a little Dr. Seuss lunch. We had green eggs and ham (and cheese), blue goo, and you can't tell the drinks are pink but they were supposed to be pink ink. They had fun, I think.

We also made Dr. Seuss hats to add to the fun.

We had a naughty little Leprechaun visit us again this year on St. Patricks day. He left his messy green footprints all over the kitchen, turned our milk green and even used our toilet leaving a green mess in there too.

But he made up for it by leaving the girls a fun little surprise.

All the girls in their green to make sure they were safe from pinching.

Sweet Junie's first St. Patricks Day.

We love this Holiday and make sure that every year we have a green themed dinner. This year we had green noodles with sauce, green breadsticks, green salad and....

This fun stuff....rainbow know the end of the rainbow...haha.

June had her 8 month birthday in March...I can't believe how fast time flies by, i swear she was just born.

And this silly little girl...she loves not only to have her picture taken of her but she loves to take pictures and this below is only a fraction of the kind of pictures we find on our camera after she gets ahold of it.

Silly face...

Sweet face...

Sad face...

Adorable face...

Angry face? Silly little girl...we also have lots of unattractive pictures of all of us, the t.v. stuffed animals, the floor and so much  more.

June with her first little pigtails...I love them but it makes her look so grown up.

We were lucky enough to have my parents come out for a very quick visit the end of March. We visited with them, Molly read to them, they played games with the kids, we went to lunch one day with my SIL, and they were kind enough to watch the kids for a bit so that we could go to the Temple and do a little shopping. It was so much fun to have them here, we love visitors and we hadn't had any since September. We hope now that the weather is warmer we will get more out here.

We have finally had a few warmer days and when we do we have to take advantage of them. We headed to the park one day and seriously this girl loves to be outside...and thats a good thing because I think we will be doing a lot of that this summer.

Molly was spotlighted in her Kindergarten class and was able to make a poster all about herself. She picked all the pictures out on her own and also wanted to include a map (like we did for her preschool one) that showed all of the places she has been and lived...its alot of places and her Daddy was so good to help her color them all and write the names of them all just like she wanted.

Well that was our month, besides a spur of the moment getaway to Grand Junction that I will post about soon. You'll really want to tune in for all of that excitement.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

February: The month of Love.

We celebrated Valentine's once again...haha. The girls and I made and decorated our annual heart shaped cookies. I love how much the girls look forward to the little things like this.

Our Valentine lunch.

Molly wanted a Valentine hairdo and this is what we came up with.

Our heart-shaped pizza for Valentine's dinner.

Sassy Annie

Can I just tell you this picture seriously represents just how much these girls all love each other.

All our cuties dressed in pink.

June's first Valentine's Day.

Really could she be anymore adorable?

One of my very favorite things...Annie's morning hair.

June at 7 months.

I sure love the month a February, I love that it has a special day where we can go above and beyond even our normal expressions of love and make it special for our loved ones. I am so completely in Love with Jake and am so glad he is my husband. And I adore my sweet girls and count my blessings every day that I get to be their mom. Call me cheesy but I am all about the day of Love and being extra sappy...its how I roll. We had a great month.

January 2011..Bring on the New Year

So we started off the New Year excited and ready for new adventures. And boy have we had them. New callings, new goals, finding more things to do indoors during the long cold winter and watching our girls grow up more every day, especially little Junie.

Here is the happy baby herself...

I just love this one.

Annie dancing the day away.

We took a little trip out to see Jake in his new office and eat lunch with him.

June hit her 6 month mark...its been so long I can't remember her stats ( I know a bad mom) but I know she is healthy. She was rolling every way at this point...

And starting to really hold her head up nice and strong

I cannot get enough of this face.

She also started doing some other big girl things like hanging out in here...and sitting up soon after this.

Our little Princesses. Jake did this fabulous FHE one night and the girls made these crowns and listed different ways they can live like Princesses...they really are such good girls.

One day Molly and Annie came downstairs all dressed up like Jessie and Pinkalicious, I had to capture the cuteness.

I guess I didn't get many pictures of the month, we must have been having too much fun. Well until next time.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Other December Happenings...

I have been trying to post for over a month now, I know late, but now its even later. I was finally able to upload these pictures so here are a few(okay alot) of the things that we did the rest of December.

June kept growing and growing.

The girls all dressed in pink overalls and hoped for snow.

We cut down our Christmas Tree for the first time was kinda big. We loved it!

We went to the Smith Christmas party and had a lot of fun.

June sat in cousin Maylee's Bumbo chair.

Jake and Molly loved the wagon ride to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point.

The rest of the group....

The girls saw Vixen and her baby Snowflake.

Our little family again.

We all needed to do a little bit more of this.

Annie decoraated cookies.

Molly decorated cookies.

Played in the snow.

Built their first snowman.

Made our traditional Gingerbread House

Saw Santa for a second time. Jake and I were in charge of the ward Christmas Party and had to do it 2 days after we got back from Disneyland. We did a breakfast and it was great. Everybody loved it and the food was delicious.

Took pictures of our cute girls...

And our little family all ready for church right before Christmas...

Went to see Grandpa Golfball before he left again.

Had a wild and crazy New Year's Eve! Haha...the girls loved it when we celebrated it like at 9 or 10 and we let them bang on pots...then Jake went to sleep because he had been up all night and was so sick...I watched re-runs of 30 Rock and drank a Diet Dr. Pepper....awesome right?

So far 2011 has been a great year full of changes and excitement. We are loving life.