Saturday, June 25, 2011

April 2011

Well April started off busy just like any other month and/or day in our life. As soon as the snow melted and it warmed up a little we started tackling our was scary the weeds pictured below are only a small percent of what there really was.

Jake took on the job to burn them all and surprisingly it went quite quickly. It was so nice to see the ground again out back.

On Conference Saturday Grandma Great Oyler came out for a quick little visit. We hit up McDonalds and headed to Fantasy Canyon. We hadn't been back since we first moved here and unfortunately picked a windy day to go back. It was so windy June and I headed back to the car while the rest of the group made a quick trip through it all. We all had dirt in our eyes, ears, hair and teeth. But still it was fun and we were glad we could share something we love with someone we love. As always though she headed home soon after we returned.

Molly started playing soccer for her first time. She was so adorable in her uniform (that she will be wearing for the next 4 years). And she is actually quite the go getter. I think she scored in every game besides her first one. But that is because they told us the wrong time for her game so there were way more kids then there should have been and by the time they got it somewhat organized it started getting cold and about 10 seconds after I took the picture below Molly got put in the game and immediately after that it started hailing so and parents were running to their cars as fast as they could. She actually said she didn't really like soccer after that first week, but quickly changed her mind once it warmed up and she got to play for more than 5 seconds. We look forward to more seasons of this and watching her improve more and more.

Just a cute picture of Annie.

The second game...getting all stretched. (Molly is the one in red to the right of the kid in blue). Did I mention how hot her coach was too? Made for even more fun watching him out there with those kids.

The other monkeys being so good and cheering for Mols. Okay June might be asleep but I am sure she was cheering in her dreams.

Cute little soccer pro.

Our girls...

Coloring Easter eggs at Grandma Lynda's

We decided to have a surprise family gathering/party for my mom's 60th birthday. She was so funny getting all mad at us because we told her not to cook anything and to just relax (we already had plans for food and didn't want her messing it all up), but seemed quite surprised and happy when she walked into Jeremy and Katie's house and we all shouted Surprise to her. I am so made I didn't even think to take a picture of her was pretty good though. We just ate lunch together and visited and then had a big Easter egg hunt for all the grandkids. It was so nice getting to be together and celebrate such an amazing woman. She really is incredible. Such an amazing example of love, faith, courage to face each new day no matter the trials, and complete selflessness. We love you so much mom.

Annie hunting for those eggs.

Molly too.

Look at that face.

June in on the fun too. cute.

Here is my mom with all of the grandkids that were there...minus 4 day old Zane.

Easter pictures. Oh how I love these girls so much.

I don't know why I don't have any pictures from Easter day that we spent at Jake's mom's house, but I did still a few pictures from Stacy's blog...I hope you don't mind Stacy and thank you too. The girls had another easter egg hunt with their cousins there too and the grass was perfect for the hunt it made it fun for everyone.

Molly Jane

Annie Eliza

Jaren and June Lydia...I love this picture are they just adorable?

 Here are the girls all in their jammies Grandma Jill gave them.

Cute Junie started growing up too. She started sporting the piggy tail and began to show her personality more and more each day. We love her so much...isn't it amazing that we used to live without did we do that? We sure are glad she is part of our family, she makes us laugh everyday and we just can't get enough of her.

One night we all made and decorated paper airplanes and then had a competition to see who's flew the best. I don't remember who won, but we all sure had fun doing this.

So many fun memories made. I just love being married to such a fun and exciting man who gives so much time to his family and is always willing to do fun things with the kids, even when he is tired and has worked all day. I love being mom to 3 beautiful girls who bring so much joy into my life each moment I am with them. I am truly blessed.

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