Sunday, June 26, 2011

May 2011

Well we finally got some sun and kind of warm days in May so we decided to take advantage and head to the park for a cook out. We played a little soccer and on the playground while we were there.

See how sunny it was?

Annie getting some sliding time in.

Jake and June...both so cute.

Annie going crazy at a soccer game.

I was completely spoiled by my girls and Jake on Mother's Day. It was wonderful. Lots of cards, a nap, delicious food that I didn't have to make, lots of hugs and kisses and I love you-s. And this wonderful sign and garden of flowers. I feel so blessed to be the wife of such an amazing man and to be a mother to these 3 amazing girls. I learn so much from them everyday and it amazes me how much love I have for each one of them. I am so grateful for the many examples of wonderful women in my life so that I can be the mom that I am.

I told you, she won't stop growing...she loves to pull herself up on everything and walk along everything now days. She is getting too big too fast.

We were lucky enough to get to go up to Tremonton and spend a couple of days visiting with Grandma Jill and Grandpa Golfball, who was home for a few days. We had lots of family all home together as a family. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the girls with their grandpa while he was home, or with their cousins while they were there playing. But we did have a lot of fun. One day we headed out to show the girls The Golden Spike. They loved seeing the trains move and hear them blow their horns. It was a fun time.

We also went and showed them the Rocket boosters at ATK.

Afterwards we headed to the park and had a picnic, played soccer and played on the swings.

We spent some time every weekend at the soccer fields. It really was so much fun watching Molly improve each week and see her score goals and see how much she loved it and what a little go-getter she was. I loved watching Jake coach also. He is so good with kids, it is one of many things that I am so grateful for...he has always been the best daddy and does so well in these situations.

We had so much fun like I said before. I was trying to take care of a sick June Bug the day of Molly's last game so I never got a picture of her with her medal, but she was pretty excited and we can't wait for her to start playing again in the fall. Molly also finished her first year of school this month also. I can't believe that she is going to be in first grade, how do they grow up so fast. Annie was excited when the school year ended, she now has her best friend home all day long now and is that much closer to starting preschool, which she is very excited to be doing. I am sure we did more, but I think that I have been so forgetful when it comes to taking pictures. I will try to be better, because when I don't take pictures I forget. Well until next time.

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