Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Running...Running...Running...That's our life (in every way and everything)

Well we had a very busy, crazy, fun month in June. I know there may seem to be a ton of pictures here but this is a small portion and its missing a week of what the girls did without us at my mom's..so it could be worse (for you I guess). It started out really dirty the first weekend. Jake and I ran the Dirty Dash 5k with Stacy and Nathan and Caleb and Marci. It was quite fun actually. There were a few moments I thought what the heck am I doing here but it was quite fun. We forgot to take before pictures..but just imagine us like this...just a whole lot cleaner.

The whole group.

Our girls were lucky enough to get to go hang out at my mom's family reunion that was going on at the same time. We were sad we missed it but at least they got to go. I don't really have any pictures of what they did, but I did get this one from my mom of my Dad with June Bug and my adorable niece Maylee. June is 6 weeks older than Maylee and I look forward to the fun these two girls will have growing up. This actually happened to be my Dad's 62nd birthday also.

The next weekend we headed to Bear Lake and met up with Tanner and Leisha and my parents (on their 40th Anniversary!) We spent the night there and in the morning Tanner, Jake and I all ran the half marathon. I know lots of people run these and its not a big deal but it was a big deal to me. It was Jake's second one and he did awesome! It was my first one ever (and possibly last...haha...). My little brother Tanner ran the whole thing with me and it was so much fun with him. I don't think I could have finished if it wasn't for him. It wasn't near as bad as I imagined it would be. I am so glad Jake helped encourage me to do it and for the many hours he so willingly took care of the girls so I could get my runs in. Thanks Tanner and thanks Jake...you guys are awesome! (And a huge thanks to my mom and Leisha for getting my girls ready and taking care of them while we ran.)

Here are the girls waiting for us at the finish line.

Now seriously I have the best husband in the world and my girls have the best Daddy. He came and grabbed their hands and let them run across the finish line with him...they loved it! I wish I would have been there to see it. So cute!

All three of us....I think I just about passed out right after this picture was taken...haha.

After the race we all went and got ready and hit up LaBeau's for lunch and a raspberry shake and then my mom took the girls home with her and Jake and I headed to the airport for our week in Chicago. Jake had a safety conference the first part of the week and then we had the annual leadership conference the last half of the week. It was sooooooo much fun! I went to some of Jake's conference with him, relaxed in the hotel ALOT and then we did some sight seeing and ate a whole lot of good food.

I think this is down by the Navy Pier. Where we ate at a delicious seafood restaurant.

At the Art Museum in front of a Monet.

At the "bean"

We are standing under it taking a picture of our reflection...can you find us?

In the same park they had this splash pad and at both ends were these big towers with water running down them...these random faces would come on and then eventually it made it look like the water was coming out of their mouths...it was kinda funny.

On our way to eat at and Italian Meat Sandwich place (which was so good and has been on Man vs. Food) we stopped in a Sports Authority store and saw this...wow he has giant hands.

One day we just walked around the city a bit and ate at Ed Debevic's..so funny. The waiters are jerks here and it made us laugh our faces off...and the food wasn't too bad either.

In front of this fountain. The lights change colors the whole time. 

Savage took us to see a Cub's game. It was delayed by rain for nearly 2 hours but it was a lot of fun, a beautiful field and there was a ton of different food being made and offered the entire time. We went to the Rooftop Restaurant across the street to watch the game..it was pretty cool.

While out with some of the other wive's I got "attacked" by one of the ladies at this kiosk....before I could even say no thanks she had the fake extensions in my hair and it all combed to show me how pretty it could be. It was pretty cool and only made me wish I had that long, thick hair all of the time.

This was a fun activity they had us do in groups at lunch one day. We each had a section of the picture and had to draw it on the board and then connect it all to make the whole picture.

In front of the Museum of Industry and Science. One of the coolest museums I have ever been to. This is definately somewhere I want to take my kids to someday.

I think that is an airplane behind us in the museum.

And finally on our way home...I think we look a little tired.

The girls with their surprises from The windy city.

The girls stayed at my mom's while we were gone. I guess they were too busy having fun to take pictures but here is one of them and some of their cousins. I think they had a different set of cousins there everyday. They were in heaven.

Here they are with Grandpa Lauritz before leaving

And with Grandma Lynda.

The day after we got home was Father's Day. The girls had made him this "Pin the tie on the Daddy" game. We had fun playing it. Jake really is such an amazing dad. I am so lucky to get to do this whole parenting thing with him, he is incredible.

And since we got back we have just been going going going. The girls did a jello slide one day.

And we headed to the splash park with friends another day.

We have done some fun "science" experiments. This one was pretty cool with milk, food coloring and dish soap.

This is how June looked one morning when I got her out of bed...no pants and one arm out of the neck of her pjs. She makes me laugh.

The very end of the month we headed up to Pocatello and while Jake headed to IF to work for the day the girls and I hung out with Leisha and Maylee all day. It was so much fun. We don't get to see them often enough. After Jake got back we went out to eat and then headed off to Boise for more work and a family reunion...more to come on all of that later.

Thanks to everyone who helped take care of our girls so that we could run our races and go to Chicago, we are so grateful for all of your willingness to do so. And thanks for all of the fun too! July has been just as busy, crazy, fun as June was...you will see.