Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oyler Birthday Extravaganza...Continued

Well the rest of Birthday Week was great! While Jake worked the girls helped me decorate the house and make Jake his very own candy-gram. We all sure like this guy and were excited to have a day to celebrate him. After he got home from work we went and got Cafe Rio, opened presents and then headed off to our soccer game. We got home late and were exhausted...that may be why Jake looks a little bit like he wants to die. 

I made the girls go to the park with me for a picnic on my birthday to help the time pass by. They sure are so cute and were so good to me all day long.

Jake totally spoiled me and I finally got my KitchenAid!!!! I love it! And I love red!

Family photo....

And it wouldn't be complete without one conveying what we are really like.

It really was a fun week and we were so spoiled with kind messages, notes, phone calls and gifts from so many friends and loved ones. Thanks everyone.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Molly Jane is 6 Years Old!

Molly's big day was on August 1st and got Birthday week rolling in full swing. I absolutely love celebrating holidays and birthdays in our house, not because of the gifts and all, but because these girls of ours get so excited no matter what it is or who's it is. 

Molly with her Precious Moments doll from Grandma Jill...she loves this doll and has slept with Lucy (the name she gave her) every night since.

Molly requested a paint pallet for her birthday cake...something to do with Purplicious having one in the book. We made cupcakes with paint spots too.

Eating lunch at good ole' Mickeydees...

Annie enjoying some birthday lunch too.

Junie loves her some fries...must take after her mama.

I love this picture because we took one almost exactly like it on her first birthday, as you can see below...she sure has grown up a lot!

Here is Molly on her 1st Birthday...I seriously can't believe how much June looks like her.

Molly chose to go swimming at the Rec. Center for her birthday fun...she loves water, can't wait for her to take some swimming lessons, so I can love it a bit more.

Annie loving it too...and so is June right behind her.

Molly requested steaks, mashed potatoes, rolls and peach jello for her dinner.

Opening presents...

Junie helping out...

I think she likes it! (Jake the LIV doll....something she had been begging for, for quite awhile now.)

All her gifts...

I still can't believe she is really 6, I can still remember her 1st birthday like it was yesterday. I love this girl so much. She will always be my baby...always.

She was so excited to have Brandon and Mindy and their family over for cake and ice cream. We had a good time eating, and having Cooper make a whole lot of cool balloons...swords, hats, sword holders and even some flowers. Thanks Coop...the girls have played with them all month.

See all the fun we had? 

I think Molly had a pretty good day. We all had fun being together and celebrating another wonderful year with our Molly Jane. She is so much fun and such a good girl. Happy Birthday big girl...hope you have a great year ahead of you.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

July...All the Other Stuff...

July was such a busy month...really though what month isn't? Here is a run through of the rest of our month.

Cute June...just being cute.

We made it to the drive in movie. We all watched Cars 2 and then all of the girls went to sleep and Jake and I got settled in to watch Pirates of the Caribbean but being the old farts we are....haha we both totally fell asleep and ended up just coming home half way through the movie. The girls were so excited about it as you can see in the pictures...they were quite silly.

At the Pioneer Day Parade

Playing in the Pool

And eating homemade watermelon popsicles. June could not get enough of hers.

Ward Campout...We still need to teach June how much fun it really is to camp.

The Fair
Being Fire Fighters

Planting their seeds

Picking their Produce

Gathering Eggs

Driving the tracter

And my favorite picture from the whole day!

July really was so busy, but so much fun. No wonder the summer seems to have flown by...we were too busy having fun to realize it.