Friday, January 27, 2012

October 2011

My parents came to visit in October and we headed out to the Dinosaur Quarry with them and Mindy and her kids. It was pretty cool and the girls enjoyed it.

After we drove to the river and although the water was freezing the girls including June could not get enough of playing in it.

We enjoyed the warm weather and hit up the park.

Brandon invited us to ride his horse one was fun to each take a turn riding. The girls absolutely loved it and asked if we could get a horse of our own...maybe one day, Uncle Brandon's will have to do for now though.


This is Annie and although you can't tell she was smiling ear to ear.

June loved it too.

We headed out to Bluebell fro the corn maze one day. We sure have fun doing this.

Feeding the goats.

June loved them.

The bumpy slide...makes me laugh watching them go down this.

Molly was able to dress up like what she wanted to be when she grows up for school one day...a dance teacher.

A couple days before Halloween the girls got invited to a Fancy Nancy birthday they are all ready to go.

Carving pumpkins.

And the finished product.

We also got to go see our newest member of the family. Courtney had her baby the end of October. We all fell in love with Olivia as soon as we met her. She is so sweet.

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Mindy said...

Dang, that guy on the horse is smokin' hot.