Friday, January 27, 2012

September 2011

Jake was gone a lot of August and September, recruiting for work. We sure missed him a ton, but we tried to have lots of fun when he was home on the weekends and I tried to stay busy with the girls and on my own while he was gone so we would make it through.

June finally decided she would try to start walking in September.

Tanner, Leisha and Maylee came over Labor Day weekend. I wish I could remember everything we did with them, but its been so long. I know we had a lot of fun and I wish we would get more visitors than we do.

June keeping busy during the primary activity.

I had to do my first big primary activity. Thanks to an awesome presidency, an incredible husband and some great scripture went great.
(Ammon, Samuel, Joseph Smith, Moses)

The kids were rewarded with ice cream for reading and bringing scriptures.

Adventurous Molly up a tree.

Annie Pie

Mid-September Jake was able to go on a road trip with some of his best friends. They headed up to Oregon and spent a few days golfing...a lot.
Wade, Riley and Jake


Me and my little pals during the day, while Jake and Molly are gone.

June loves to try and put on her own clothes.

And she did it...she started walking and hasn't stopped moving since.

While Jake was gone I kept myself busy canning in the evenings. I did pears, peaches, raspberry jam and also a lot of grape juice. It really helped time pass by quick.

We spent as much time as we could outside and enjoyed visiting the park often.

I love catching moments like this...makes me smile.

These two have become quite the pair...I sure love watching them become such good friends.


Mindy said...

Your canning sure looks pretty. :) I love the last pic of your girls.

Jay and Heath said...

Little JuneBug! She is adorable!!! Great job on all that canning! :) Hope you're feeling well these days. And what is it with people not finding out what they're having these days? I hate the anticipation... and it's not even my kid ;) haha! Miss you!