Monday, February 20, 2012

January 2012

I don't have any pictures of us bringing in the new year...but we sure had fun doing so with Jake's family. I feel like January was so busy and flew by fast...I guess that is the reason I don't have many pictures from that month, but here are a few we have.

June...her hair is crazy and always in her face...even when I comb it it doesn't last long, but we still think she is pretty cute.

Jake and I celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary. Stacy was so nice and offered to watch the girls for us so we could get away for a night. We went out for dinner, to a movie and the next day we did a little bit of shopping, got Jake's phone fixed and then went and picked up the girls. On our way home we went to Target and to see my Grandparents. It was such a great weekend. Thanks Stacy so much for being such a super Aunt!

Man alive I love this guy so much. He is seriously the best! He is such a hard worker, patient (believe me he has to be to live with me), kind, funny, loving, smart and everything and more that I ever wanted in a husband. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have him and I can't wait to see what the next 8 years has in store for us.

June loving her sucker.

With the new year came a change in our church schedule. We now go at 1:00 p.m. and boy is it barfy. This is how much June loves it...this girl never falls asleep anywhere other than her bed and occasionally her car seat...this was 6:00p.m. after church. 

June really is so funny and its so much fun seeing her personality show more and more all of the time. This is how I found her one day, putting on doll clothes all by herself.

Forgive the upside down picture I can't get it to turn around....anyways after Christmas we did a few puzzles around here. Jake mostly did this one because I would fall asleep so early, but we enjoy doing these together.

Annie is getting so good at doing puzzles and loves to do them over and over.

We had a really good month, I still can't believe how fast all of the time is going by and that in  3 short months we will have another baby...crazy. But we sure are excited.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year. We were sad that June got really sick right before Christmas so Jake's family couldn't come out anymore, but we still had a nice one nonetheless. It was nice having Christmas Eve on Saturday and having the whole day together as a family. We baked, played and finished up last minute things. The girls were so much fun all day and so excited.

Molly and Annie took pictures of eachother by the tree.

We decided to have a more casual dinner this year fro Christmas Eve and had a nice dinner on Christmas after church.

Traditional Family Pictures in front of the tree.

Opening pajamas

Cute new pajamas for everyone...

Our little tree

Christmas morning...June was so excited about all of her presents and once she was done opening hers she was quite content just wandering and looking at what everyone else got...she was so much fun.

Annie got just what she wanted...and American Girl Doll.

Molly too...look at that happy face.

The girls really wanted to make Jake something special and finally came up with the idea of making him sock puppets...they were so cute...I think he loved them.

More Presents...

I loved having Christmas on Sunday this year. We got up early and opened all of our presents and ate breakfast and then we all got ready and headed off to church. It was perfect. I loved being able to take a break from the worldly (albeit fun) part of Christmas and take part in a very spiritual part and feel our hearts with the true meaning and spirit of Christmas. It was wonderful. We had to get lots of pictures of our beautiful girls in their Christmas dresses. (you will notice Molly and Annie both forgot how to smile normal in half the pictures...haha funny ages)

Family shot...

Molly with all her loot.

Annie with all her loot.

We really all had such a great Christmas. We loved being home together as a family. I love that the girls get so excited to draw names and by gifts for one of their sisters. And seriously it was the first thing they wanted to do after opening their gifts from Santa was to give their sister the gift they picked out for them. They love seeing their sisters get excited about a gift they picked out just for them. We were all spoiled. My parents gave us such an incredible gift. They together pieced and tied levi quilts for each of us kids with squares from many of the pants we wore growing up along with some from Megan's. It is such a special thing that we will treasure for a long time. And Jake and the girls gave me the best present ever...if you ever come to visit I will be sure to show it to you and trust me you want to see it. I think I bawled all Christmas morning due to the tremendous amount of love I felt. Well hope you all had a great Christmas too.

Monday, February 06, 2012

December 2011

December started off as it usually does around here...we went and got our Christmas tree the first weekend. We cut our own again this year and it was lots of fun (well for the first half anyways, until the kids were too cold). Jake pulled the older girls on the sled, which we were lucky we brought because there were some spots that the snow was pretty darn deep.

I know June doesn't look to happy here, but she actually loved being long as the snow did not touch her.

Here we are standing in front of the tree we picked out...just a small one.

I took the girls back to the truck to get off their wet clothes and get them in their seats to warm up...I was quite impressed that Jake was already done cutting down and bringing back the tree by the time I was finished doing that. See how tough he is. And the tree was at least 12 feet...haha.

I was able to go watch both the girls at dance to see what they have been learning...they were both really cute and did quite well.
Annie is the second one from the right...she was so adorable.

Molly with some classmates...she was so graceful and very concentrated while dancing.

I tried to do something fun and Christmasy with the girls each day...we weren't perfect and I didn't get pictures of them all, but here is our hot cocoa with candy canes and we did other things like, call loved ones and sing carols, make snow flakes, do something nice for someone else, take treats to neighbors and friends and a whole lot more. It made everyday exciting.

We were able to see the Jolly man himself at our ward Christmas party.
Molly loved it and made sure to remind him she wanted an American Girl Doll.

Annie loved it too and also reminded him she wanted an American Girl Doll as well.

June did not love it so much....these are seriously some of my favorite pictures.

We were able to go to the Smith Family Christmas party and sure had a lot of fun. Jeremy and Katie were great hosts and had a lot of fun things for us all to do.
I love this picture...they are both so cute.

All the kids taking turns opening their cousin gifts. pretty.

June opening her book.

Annie hiding behind her book. She loves this book and I think she had it completely done within a couple of days.

Molly with a new chapter book. This girl loves to read so it was perfect.

Silly Junie

The theme for the party was Christmas Around the World, and they had lots of different activities from different countries. Here is Senor Jeremy...haha, wish you could see the stache...haha.

Here in Mexico the kids were able to try and break open a pinata. Here is June taking here turn.

We were able to make our traditional gingerbread house one weekend too. We always have so much fun doing this together as a family.

Molly and Annie showing off their hard work and talent.

We really had such a wonderful December. We were able to spend a lot of time together as a family and do fun holiday activities, and get gifts for ones we love, read lots of Christmas stories and talk a lot about the true meaning of Christmas. I love that as much as our girls love the gifts and treats and Santa part of Christmas they love the Spiritual part too. They love hearing the story of Christ's birth and thinking of ways we can serve others. They make everything in life better, sweeter and more memorable.
We were able to go to Tremonton the weekend after Christmas for New Years. It was such a fun weekend. We had a Christmas party with the Oyler Family, played lots of games, ate a lot of delicious food, and ended it on New Years day with celebrating the birth of Olivia (our niece) and seeing her be blessed.
We feel so blessed to have such great families who support us in all that we do, help us when we are in need, love us in spite of our shortcomings, forgive us for those faults we have and never give up on us. We love each moment we get to share with any and all of them. We love each of them so much.

And although its come and gone we truly hope that each and everyone of you had a wonderful holiday season and that this finds each of you and your families well.