Sunday, February 12, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year. We were sad that June got really sick right before Christmas so Jake's family couldn't come out anymore, but we still had a nice one nonetheless. It was nice having Christmas Eve on Saturday and having the whole day together as a family. We baked, played and finished up last minute things. The girls were so much fun all day and so excited.

Molly and Annie took pictures of eachother by the tree.

We decided to have a more casual dinner this year fro Christmas Eve and had a nice dinner on Christmas after church.

Traditional Family Pictures in front of the tree.

Opening pajamas

Cute new pajamas for everyone...

Our little tree

Christmas morning...June was so excited about all of her presents and once she was done opening hers she was quite content just wandering and looking at what everyone else got...she was so much fun.

Annie got just what she wanted...and American Girl Doll.

Molly too...look at that happy face.

The girls really wanted to make Jake something special and finally came up with the idea of making him sock puppets...they were so cute...I think he loved them.

More Presents...

I loved having Christmas on Sunday this year. We got up early and opened all of our presents and ate breakfast and then we all got ready and headed off to church. It was perfect. I loved being able to take a break from the worldly (albeit fun) part of Christmas and take part in a very spiritual part and feel our hearts with the true meaning and spirit of Christmas. It was wonderful. We had to get lots of pictures of our beautiful girls in their Christmas dresses. (you will notice Molly and Annie both forgot how to smile normal in half the pictures...haha funny ages)

Family shot...

Molly with all her loot.

Annie with all her loot.

We really all had such a great Christmas. We loved being home together as a family. I love that the girls get so excited to draw names and by gifts for one of their sisters. And seriously it was the first thing they wanted to do after opening their gifts from Santa was to give their sister the gift they picked out for them. They love seeing their sisters get excited about a gift they picked out just for them. We were all spoiled. My parents gave us such an incredible gift. They together pieced and tied levi quilts for each of us kids with squares from many of the pants we wore growing up along with some from Megan's. It is such a special thing that we will treasure for a long time. And Jake and the girls gave me the best present ever...if you ever come to visit I will be sure to show it to you and trust me you want to see it. I think I bawled all Christmas morning due to the tremendous amount of love I felt. Well hope you all had a great Christmas too.


Stacy said...

Do I know what he gave you? Sounds good. You all look so cute on Christmas morning.

Mindy said...

I loved Christmas on Sunday too... I kind of wish it could be that way every year. :)