Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Love Month February 2012

February was a full and busy month...but hey what month isn't really? We started the month off with Molly having her hundred day party at school. She was so excited for this day and let us know every day how many more days she had left. Annie and I went to help out with the ice cream sundaes they were having.

This is just a cute picture of June...eating, something she loves to do.

Jake and I were so bummed that we weren't able to go to Adam and Holly's Superbowl party that we decided to go ahead and make wings ourselves. Yes we made way too much food for us to eat, but as you can see it was so good we forgot to take pictures before...but we sure enjoyed them.

We don't have t.v. but luckily this year the Superbowl was Jake being the creative guy he is hooked it up to a projector and we were able to enjoy the game like was pretty cool.

I have been so bad taking prego pics this go around...but here I am at 25 weeks.

We had some friends over right before Valentine's Day to make and decorate cookies. The girls had so much fun and decorated a whole lot of cookies.

June enjoyed eating the candy and hanging out with Elisa.

I know I say it all the time, but holidays are so much fun when you have kids. They make you want to be cheesy and do the little extra things to make it a bit more special. We had heart pancakes and hot chocolate with heart shaped whip cream for breakfast...

Heart shaped sandwiches and strawberries for lunch...

(3 of my cute Valentines)
And heart shaped pizza for dinner! It was definitely a day of hearts and love. Molly and Annie had so much fun at their parties at school and loved looking at their valentines from their friends over and over. It was a fun day.

The first graders had a patriotic program for President's Day. It was full of cute little things about our country and great presidents and a whole bunch of cute songs. We were a ways back so the pics are fuzzy, but Molly did great and it was fun to see her perform.

It was a big day for her because she also lost her first tooth that day. Seriously neither Jake nor I thought that tooth was loose enough to come out...but she told us that while she was at school she just decided she wanted it out and so she pulled really hard and it came out. Silly girl.

We finally got some snow out here and just the way we like it...a little bit almost everyday for a while but only enough that it was usually melted by that evening. The girls didn't have school on President's day so they were able to play outside for a couple of hours and they were in heaven. Here they are with their snow turtle that they made.

June is just so much fun right now, but she sure keeps my busy, she is always into she is getting ready to pull everything she can out of the cupboard.

This isn't really a great picture or anything but I took it while June was with just Jake and I, which never happens. Unfortunately it wasn't for a fun reason. June has some problems with her teeth that we have to take her to SLC to get fixed. Poor baby, but at least it is something we can fix. But even with that all going on she is still a happy good baby for the most part.

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from my parents in February. We hadn't had any visitors since they came in October, so it was fun. It was a short trip but we were glad to have them even if only for a little while. We stayed up late talking to them the night they came. They were so kind to watch the girls while Jake was at work and I went to the temple. We spent the day just hanging out reading books to the girls, playing wii (we even got them to play just dance, it was awesome!), and visiting. That night Brandon and Mindy and their kids came over for a delicious dinner and we had a fun night just hanging out. And then we made them stay up late and watch a movie with us...they were such good sports. We love when people come to visit. I am sad I didn't get any pictures, but it sure was fun. The girls are always so sad when they leave, okay we all are. Anyways it was a great month and filled with lots of fun.

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Mindy said...

Aubrey and Tyler would always wiggle their teeth hard until they came out...usually very soon after they discovered they were even remotely loose. Cooper, on the other hand, wouldn't let anyone touch his, and he's already had a retainer as a result of teeth not coming out soon enough. Molly's got the right idea. ;)