Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March...so far.

This month has been a fun and busy month too. We have been having such incredible weather and have really tried to get out and play in it often. As i looked through these pictures it seems we play and eat a lot. Haha.

This is just Annie and June enjoying a warm afternoon outside. June loves her car.

Annie loves digging in the dirt and playing with rocks.

We went bowling with some friends one night and had a whole lot of fun. I don't know if you can tell what this says...but if you can see it then you definitely see who the winner is....and that HB might just stand for HannahBanana. The girls loved it and did so good...Molly did not like that it was so much harder than Wii bowling though...she kills us all at that.

The girls and I were in our room listening to Jake on the radio one morning and June discovered that she could climb into the open part of Jake's side table....she thought she was pretty cool. I just thought she was pretty cute.

Of course we had to celebrate St. Patricks day around here. We had a naughty leprechaun visit us again this year. He left foot prints on the kitchen floor, used our toilet and turned our milk green too. But I guess he made up for it by leaving the girls a fun little surprise. We started off the day by eating Lucky Charms and getting dressed in green. 

This was part of our fun lunch...a fruit rainbow.

And here is our St. Patricks dinner. The girls love doing a green dinner each year. This year we had green rolls, green salad, noodles with pesto sauce and rainbow jello. It was all quite delicious actually.

This little girl loves to get a hold of the camera and take pictures of herself and anything else in the vicinity. I had to put a couple on here because they show just how much she is growing up...but there were a whole lot more than this.
Isn't she so cute? and so big? She has grown up so much this year...I can't stand it.

She snapped this picture of her notebook that she is using to tell about herself. Ask her to spell just about any word and she can, have her write it and she gets going too fast so there are some misspelled words, but you will get the idea and find out a lot about little miss Molly  if you read this.

Playing at the park...have I mentioned how much we love warm weather?

31 weeks.

I have been asking (begging, bothering, pestering, nagging) Jake to plant me some grass out back that the girls will be able to play on this summer. I know that Jake doesn't mind doing projects like this, but that he would rather do it all the best way possible, so I knew that asking for a partial finished yard was not something he was dying to do, but because he is such a great husband he did it for me this past weekend. I wish I would have gotten some pictures, but I didn't even think about it. He worked all day long on it Saturday and we are now just crossing our fingers that we will start to see some grass poking up soon. It will be so nice to have somewhere to play out back this summer, I can't wait.

Well we still have a few days of March left so I will be sure to let you all know if anything else too exciting happens in the next few days. 


Mindy said...

Tell Molly that I love aseperagas too. :)

Jay and Heath said...

I can't believe that you're due SO SOON! How did that even happen? I can't wait to find out what you're having. FIND OUT ALREADY!! ;)

Jill Oyler said...

What adorable pictures. It looks like March was a hit. Thank you so much for sharing them it made my day!

Kelly said...

#4 What!?! yay! you all like you're having so much fun :) That Macron recipe i found on cakejournal a tutorial by Tartlette...or something. Just google 'how to make macrons' and you'll see cakejournal right on top! They are so much fun to make!