Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Annie Eliza

I seriously cannot believe how much this girl has grown up in the last while. She is such a big girl. She loves playing pretend. She loves playing with Molly and gets very upset when Molly doesn't want to play every waking moment with her. She loves preschool and has learned so much this year. She was very disappointed when she learned that she isn't going to kindergarten next year like most of her preschool friends are, I know how she feels, she is totally ready. She loves to draw self portraits and they are some of the cutest things ever. She loves to sing made up songs all of the time, no matter what she is doing. She loves to dance. She loves watching movies. She loves to ride her bike up and down the sidewalk. She is such a great big sister and has started to include June in her playtime. She loves cuddling. She is starting to read small words. She is such a smartie. She loves primary and knows all the answers and loves to learn new songs in there too. She has such a contagious laugh and her smile still melts me with those big deep dimples. She has been begging to get her hair cut, I am putting it off because I am afraid her beautiful curls will never come back. She is very stubborn and tenderhearted...she hates to be told no. She brings so much joy into all of our lives.


Mindy said...

Annie is a gem for sure. :) She has grown up so much in the last little while!

Jay and Heath said...

Those dimples also melt my heart! So cute!

Jill Oyler said...

What a beautiful sweetheart. I also would appreciate it if you told her how much Grandma Oyler loves her and how special I thing she is to our family.