Monday, May 07, 2012

June Lydia

I thought I would do an update on everyone in the family before the baby arrives so I can remember what life is like right now for us. I thought I would start off with June Lydia. Oh Junie bug we sure can't get enough of her around here...except for the awful scream she has when she doesn't like what someone is doing. June will be 22 months on May 20th. She has been talking for awhile but just even in the past few weeks as started talking a lot more and putting more and more words together. Its always fun to hear the things she says and what words and phrases she picks up from listening to all of us. She loves to say a word and continue to repeat it over and over until you say back to her what she is say and say yes that is right. Its like she is making sure she really knows. It is so cute. She is working on getting her 11th and 12th teeth. She loves peanut butter and jam sandwiches, string cheese, cereal and apple juice. She loves to play with babies and blocks and read books...especially if they have animals in them. She loves to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Popcorn Popping. She loves playing with her sisters. She loves watching Elmo, Backyardigans, Dragon Tales and Dora. She loves Rio and Tangled too. She makes us all laugh pretty much all of the time. She gives some of the best hugs and kisses ever. She is a non-stop noise maker at home...but the minute we get around other people she is pretty quiet. She is still learning to like nursery but does better every week. She is potty training right now and has come a long ways from day one. I just can't believe how big she is. We sure love her and can't imagine what we would do without her.


Mindy said...

She's a keeper, that's for sure! Love that girl. :)

Jay and Heath said...

Potty training? Seriously, I'm pretty sure Oscar is YEARS away from potty training... and they're only 3 months apart. She's a doll, Hannah. =)

Jill Oyler said...

Just wanted to have you tell Junie that her Grandma Oyler loves her so much.