Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Other April Happenings

Like I mentioned in my last post Jake left Easter night for a week. We tried to do some fun things to keep our minds off of it while he was gone. One day we headed to the park and enjoyed the awesome weather. We also watched movies and just played outside.

This is how June looked one morning when I got her out of bed...her pjs were all unbuttoned and only on her arms still.

Movie night with the girls.

After Jake had been gone a week to ND, he had to go to SLC for work for a couple of days and then back to ND most of this past week...so we tagged along to SLC with him so we could see him a little more. While he worked on Wednesday we headed over to my sister Holly's house to see her new baby.
This baby is such a miracle and I could hardly believe she was really here. We are so happy for Holly and Adam and so happy to have McKinlee in the family. The girls all adored her and couldn't get enough of her...none of us could really.

Molly...she even decided she wanted a girl after seeing how cute McKinlee was.

I can't really tell if Annie is excited or not.

June loved her and was so good at holding her.

Makes me excited to get our own baby here soon.

After ooing and ahhing over the baby we headed back in to SLC to meet up with Jake for dinner and a stroll around City Creek. It really was pretty cool.

Thursday we went and took Jake to see the baby again and then headed over to Stacy's for dinner. It is always so much fun to see them. The kids had so much fun and we had a great time visiting for a bit. Thanks for letting us crash in on you guys for a bit.

Friday we started off by hitting up the Church History Museum. It was so neat and the kids loved the children's section. Here are Jake and the girls after doing some latin dancing.

Gathering eggs.

Planting veggies.

Afterwards we headed over to Temple Square to see all of the beautiful flowers.

We also went to see the Lorax and then surprised the girls by letting them each get a Build a Bear. They were so excited and it was so much fun watching them pick out their bears and an outfit.

We hit up The Old Spaghetti Factory before heading back to our hotel for a swim. I think that Annie might actually be gagging right here...haha.

This was one thing the girls insisted we do. They had so much fun...and even though I didn't get any pictures June was in there too and loved it so much.

Saturday we headed to Hogle Zoo... besides it being super busy it was a whole lot of fun.

Later we headed to the fountains at Gateway.

And after dinner found a park to use up any unused energy before heading back to the hotel. Its so fun seeing how much June loves being outside and swinging and going on the slide.

It was such a fun trip and exactly what we needed with Jake being gone and working alot and getting ready for adding another baby to this family. I love taking these little vacations from our everyday life and making new memories with our kids. We packed a lot in over those few days and it was so much fun. Jake flew out early Sunday morning and the girls and I headed back to Vernal. Now we are just trying to get our life a bit more organized (okay so I am), enjoying the good weather, trying to pick out some baby names, finishing up the school year and dance and just anxiously awaiting our new arrival. We can't wait.

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Stacy said...

Fun pictures. Looks like you guys had a fun vacation! Thanks for dropping by. And I love the Easter pictures too. Those are some cute girls you have.